Should You Break Up With Him?

a tree between a man and a woman

Some relationships are healthy and make both partners happy when they are into it. While there are some kind of relationships which make your life only a misery and you start feelings tired and caged at a point. There could be several things that one is not happy with in a relationship. Your answers to the questions below will help you reach a conclusion and help you decide your next step. Sometimes you think you’re on your own and no one can feel you. But, sweetie, we’re here for you.

1. Is he abusive to you, verbally?
2. Does he disrespect you in public? In front of your friends?
3. Has he ever hit you?
4. Does he care for you?
5. Does he value you more than himself?
6. How often do you people fight?
7. Why do you think you want to break up with him?
8. What bothers you the most in this relationship?
9. Do you think it’s fixable?
10. Did he ever cheat on you?

We hope you answered your questions with a clear mind because each of the options you chose led us to give you an interpretation about your relationship at the moment.



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