Signs She Likes You More Than A Friend

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Signs She Likes You As More Than A Friend: Quick Quiz

Love and friendship often come hand in hand. Many guys like their female friends more than a common mat, but are waiting for the special sign from the lady to know, whether their feelings are mutual. What are the signs she really likes you?

First, it’s sparkling eye contact. Does she often look at you and smiles to you? Do you often catch her starring at you for no reason? If so, chances are that your friend is already into you.

Second, is flirting. Girls are not likely to flirt with someone they really don’t like. If you noticed she suddenly started flirting with you, your lady might easily try to give you a sign she is attracted to you.
Third, is touching. In case she often touches your hand, back or neck ‘accidentally’, she definitely finds you handsome and attractive.

However, the love game is often complicated. Here we’ve collected a number of questions that will help you find out, whether your friend really likes you. Just answer ten simple questions and have a clear picture of your current relationships!

1.Does your friend have a boyfriend?
2.How can she react, when someone accidentally says you are a good couple?
3. What do her friends usually do, when you approach to them?
4. Has she ever made you presents for any occasion?
5. Does your crush often tell about you to other people?
6. Does your friend touch you accidentally?
7. Does your crush often smile to you?
8. How often do you usually see each other?
9. How often does she postpone or reject meeting you?
10. Do you think she likes you?



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