What is Your Flirting Style?

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As we grow up, we start to meet different people, some of whom we tend to admire. When we admire a person, we will always want to make friends with the person. However, when it has to do with the opposite sex, we become more cautious. We don’t want to make a fool of ourselves. We also know that making too many mistakes could make us lose our chance. This could end up making some of us pushy or shy as opposed to being confident. If you don’t know on which side you fall, this quiz will help you get an idea of your flirting style.

1. Do you ask any questions when you flirt?
2. Do you discuss a lot about yourself?
3. What do you wear when going on a date?
4. Do you try to do what others are doing?
5. If you are talking to someone and they are not being responsive, would you still go ahead to ask for their number?
6. Have you ever gone through a friend to get someone’s phone number?
7. Has any of your friends ever asked you for flirting advice?
8. When in the midst of strangers, do you feel shy?
9. What do you do when there is an indication someone doesn’t like you?
10. Have you ever gone out of your way to please someone just to get their attention?

Variants of Result
After answering these questions truthfully, it will give you a direction as to if you are awkward, pushy or confident. The questions were meant to focus on how you approach people you like as well as how they perceive your attempts. This is because this could sometimes be a turn off for some people. It is, however, not too bad, since we are all different, what turns off some people, turn off some others. However, being on the awkward side could be a disadvantage as you have a higher chance of being manipulated, if you are approached by a manipulative person or opportunist.



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