What Type of Boys is Your Type?

backs of four men sitting on the ground

What Type of Boys Are You Into?

Love is a miracle that every girl is looking for. However, there are so many types of guys, from rockers and artists to nerds and volunteers; where is the best option for you to search for your true crush? What type of boys is attracted to you? Just spend a few minutes taking our quiz and find out, which guys are meant for you! The quiz contains no more than ten questions with three options to answer, so it won’t take you long to get the results!

1.Describe your personal style:
2. What is your hobby?
3. What guy’s haircut style d you prefer?
4. What is your favorite place in the city?
5. How will you call your future boyfriend?
6. What is the most important feature of your dream boyfriend?
7. What job does your dream boyfriend have?
8. You suddenly have some free time, what are you going to do?
9. What do you most pay attention to, when you meet a guy?
10. What type of guys do you can’t stand?



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