What Type of Guy is Your Perfect Man?

a blonde hugging a dark-haired man

Every girl dream about a perfect boyfriend that exists in their fantasy life. He has all the qualities that any girl would look for. Every girl has a special type. Some like smart guys and others go for the jocks. Some like the nerds and some go for dark and handsome. So if you are confused in choosing your perfect boyfriend or determining the type, we have made a special quiz for you that can help you in making the decision.

1. When you see a guy what do you often say?
2. What is the first thing that you look for when you see a guy?
3. Are you a believer of Love at first sight?
4. What quality do you look for in a guy?
5. What place do you your dream date to happen?
6. If you are coming from a party, what would you expect from your boyfriend when you are home?
7. How would you spend your birthday?
8. How do you fantasize the nights?
9. Do you want to settle with your boyfriend?
10. What types of movies do you admire the most?


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