Will He Ask You Out?

a couple with coffee cups in street cafe

So, there is a guy that you started to like, and the feelings are mutual. You like to spend your time with him and wants him around you all the time. You spend hours texting with each other and everything is going just perfect. Conversations go for hours and you are wondering whether he is going to you out on a special date or not.

1. Are you guys friends?
2. Do you guys make random eye contacts?
3. Does he caress your hairs when you two are together?
4. Does he help you in carrying your bag or books?
5. What does he do when she saw you randomly in school or market?
6. If you are at a party alone and he comes, what does he do then?
7. What he does when you are walking on a sunny or rainy day?
8. Will you approach him first and ask him for lunch or coffee?
9. How much do you know about him?
10. Final question. Do you think he likes you?


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