Will Your Relationship Last?

a man holding hands on waist of a blonde in purple t-shirt

Our relationships can make us the happiest and the saddest people in the world. It all depends on which point of our relationship we’re standing on today.

You might have been going through a lot already, and we’d like to make it up to you by saying that we feel you and we’re here for you. Whatever you’re going through in life right now we can tell you that it’s temporary and it’ll be over soon for good. Always remember the dark cloud with a silver lining.

1. How long have you been together?
2. How would you describe the time you’ve been together?
3. Is he cheating on you?
4. How caring is he towards you when it comes to meeting your needs, needs of your family and being there when you need him?
5. Are there any other problems other than him cheating on you?
6. What does he say about your relationship at this point, does he ever open about whatever is going on between you two?
7. You are always wondering if your relationship will last or not, did you ever try resolving the issues without a fight?
8. How often do you spend quality time together? Like going out on movies, a date or something that involves a good time spent for the two of you?
9. Does he remember important days for you as a couple? Or your special days, like your birthday?
10. How much does he care for your needs?

Now let’s see how your answers have turned out in the form of our interpretation. Whatever options you chose has helped us decide and give you suggestions on your relationship at the moment. So, let’s see if your relationship will last now or not.



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