10 feelings you’ll go through when you’ve been cheated on

feelings you’ll go through when you’ve been cheated on

From sorrow and emptiness to strength and self-confidence: 10 feelings you’ll go through when you’ve been cheated on

When you suddenly discover that your crush has cheated on you, you usually feel emptiness and deep sorrow. However, these are not the only feelings you are likely to experience before you will completely recover from betrayal. Moreover, you will get through a real rollercoaster of emotions. What are they? How can you cope with all this stuff? Find out a list of 10 feelings you’ll go through when you’ve been cheated on.

  1. It is absolutely evident, the first feeling you will experience will be wonder. What might get wrong? Am I a good partner? Although these feelings are not healthy, everyone usually goes through them.
  2. Remember all the possible moments of cheating. Why did he/she turn off the phone? Why did he/she come back home late? Moreover, you will definitely ask yourself, how you could miss these warning signs.Remember all the possible moments of cheating
  3. Another sense of humor. Jokes about betrayal and cheating do not seem funny anymore. You become much more sensitive than earlier. However, this will not last forever.
  4. Lack of trust. Either you decide to continue relationship with someone, who cheated on you or break up, you will not be able to trust people for some period of time.
  5. Lower self-esteem. What is wrong with me? What if I am not good in bed? These questions are usually asked by those, who suffer from betrayal. However, Hollywood stars are also been often cheated on, while some of them are really amazing. So, nothing personal here.
  6. Possible situations. What if you have discovered the fact of cheating earlier? How many times did he/she cheat on me? Just try to remove these doubts, since there are millions of infidelity options that can make you go crazy.
  7. Although it might sound difficult, it is not your turn to feel embarrassed. The one who cheated on you should feel shame and tension in front of your friends and family.
  8. Is it possible to continue your relationship? Will you be able to live with these feelings to your partner the whole life? The answer is only up to you.
  9. When you cope with wonder and embarrassment, you are likely to become very angry. How could he/she break your heart? You might easily become more nasty and aggressive.Anger compromiss women couple
  10. All in all, after you went through all the difficult stages of being cheated on, you will become much stronger and self-confident. Just accept that it was not your fault and continue to live your life on full!


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