Can Cheating be Healthy for a Relationship?

Cheating be Healthy

Can Cheating be Healthy for a Relationship? Surprising facts about cheating

Cheating has been always considered as an issue that can easily destroy your relationship. But what if we tell you it can save your marriage or make your feelings more deep and sincere? Can cheating be healthy for a relationship? Can it be really good for you personally? Let’s find out the most surprising benefits of cheating!

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  • Cheating with the consent of your partner. There is nothing new that any couple need do diversify their sexual life from time to time. But what if you are likely to try almost everything? What if both of you still want more? This way, you can easily find another courageous couple or individual to have fun together! Can this fact be considered as cheating? Yes and no. You are not betraying or hurting someone, but both of you are just receiving more pleasure.
  • Cheating when you are far away. There are plenty of professions that require being far away from your beloved one a few months per year. What should you do if you desperately need sex? How can you set boundaries for your desires? If you have really deep and trusting feelings, you might discuss this issue with your partner. Perhaps, both of you might have a couple of hot nights with someone else, when you are far away. However, it is more about physical pleasure rather than establishing emotional connection with your one-night stand. You still love your soulmate, do not you?
  • Pre-break up cheating. So, you have decided to break up. It might be really tough for one of the partners. However, you might try to have sex with someone else and suddenly realize you still love your partner! This way, cheating might become a kind of medicine to cure your relationship.

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  • Cheating, when you are in the long-distance relationship. If you are really tired of long-distance relationship, when both of you are exhausted by the constant absence of each other, cheating might solve this problem once and forever. However, tell your partner about this fact and never cheat and lie constantly.

All in all, in some cases cheating can mend your heart and even refresh your relationship! However, be careful, since its destructive power is usually stronger than constructive one.



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