Find the truth: do all men cheat?

men cheat

The Answer to the Eternal Question: Do All Men Cheat?

A healthy relationship is a unique combination of love, mutual respect, friendship and the bright sexual life. However, some men can often destroy all this with a single adultery. Do all men cheat? What are the main reasons why males cheat? Find the answers below.

Do All Men Cheat?

mens cheat

If you are the girl of the dream of many guys, it cannot stop your partner from cheating. Either you have an amazing appearance, can cook delicious meals, share your men’s views and support him in any situation, some day he can easily cheat.

First of all, in most cases, you are not the reason for adultery: most men have their inner problems that push them to betray their loved ones. Second, not all of the men cheat! There are still plenty of devoted and honest people, who really value their spouses.

Most Common Reasons Why Men Cheat

  1. He wants to break up. In case a man is not satisfied with your relationship and wants to move forward, he chooses cheating, since it’s the easiest way to break up. Either it is always painful for any spouse; this reason for adultery remains to be one of the most obvious.
  2. He has a low self-esteem. Cheating with different girls can make some men feel like a macho. The spirit of adventure, new emotions and high sexuality make him think he is “a real man”. However, not all the males realize this is a good option for dweebs only.
  3. He is bored. In case something is going wrong with you two, some men can search for this missing thing somewhere else. This way, try analyzing your relationship, whether you pay little attention to your loved one or your sexual life requires new sensations.
  4. He is an addict. An irresistible sexual attraction to many women can be a real disease. Some people, both male and female, are real sex addicts and require proper treatment.
  5. He is not ready for a family life. Your partner might want to join his single friends and spend time with other girls without any limitations. If his mates and lifestyle are more important than you, this marriage will soon break up.
  6. He is an idiot. It is also worth mentioning that some men cheat because they don’t value their spouses. Moreover, these males are still sure they can easily find a better couple. However, they often return to their wives and family.
  7. He is not a good person. Women often love bad guys. If he doesn’t care about your feelings, it’s definitely time to say “good-buy”.

Should you forgive cheating? This depends on many factors. If you cannot live with that offense, go ahead and break up. Otherwise, if you are ready to forgive, give your loved one a second chance.Do All Men Cheat




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