Why married men cheat

why men cheating

The most common reasons of cheating.

Someone considers that it is due to their nature and there is no getting away from that. But, it is not true. We analyze the question why married men cheat and are ready to get to the core of male psychology.

    1. Monotony. When the spouses live under the same roof for a long time, they often grow apart and even cease to love each other. They are bored together. Nevertheless, nobody can decide to divorce because they have already got accustomed to each other. Sex is not the same as before or maybe it is absent at all. A man wants to bring bright colors to his life. That is why he starts cheating on his wife.To prevent such situation, a woman should always surprise her husband, perfect herself and be a mystery for him. Then he is unlikely to look for a new affair elsewhere. However, remember that this is not universal panacea; everything can happen.
    2. Alcohol. According to statistics, a lot of men claim that they have cheated on their beloved wives under the influence of alcohol. They simply did not realize what was happening and acted automatically. After cheating while being drunk, many men repent of what they have done and beg for forgiveness. However, this does not mean that they have not been eager to cheat. It means that they would have never done it being sober.
    3. Revenge. In this case, it is not necessary for women to cheat. Perhaps, once someone has offended him, humiliated or cheated on him and now he thirsts for vengeance. Put it differently, he wants you to experience the same feeling that he has experienced in former time.
    4. Adventure and risk. Adventure is an important need of men. It may be a reason for cheating. As a rule, this kind of affairs is one-night stand. Men do this for self-affirmation.
    5. Lack of common interests. Joint activities are the matter of great importance for family happiness. Spouses should have common interests. If you have different friends and hobbies, there is nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, in order to have a strong relationship, you need to communicate with each other. After all, the older we become, the less we are inclined to compromise. Try to take part in some activities together.
    6. Unsatisfied sexual desires. Harmony can be in everyday life and in mutual relations, but sexual issues always cause shyness. Men want a woman to embody their sexual desires into reality. However, they are often ashamed to tell her. Constant dissatisfaction of sexual needs leads to cheatings.

 men cheating

Everyone has its own reason

Men cheat for different reasons. Someone wants to experience something new; someone is looking for shelter on the side and someone does not even know why he needs it. In most cases a man is guided by the subconscious: he tries to find something that he does not have in everyday life. State of mind of any person is arranged in such way that we are looking for something that is missing.

There are no random cheatings. There are thousands of reasons and special circumstances for it. It is quite difficult to cheat by chance. Men are afraid of losing their comfortable home, good wife and many other advantages of family life. Alas, male psychology is just like that. They value convenience more than feelings.



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