Why men cheat and lie? How to avoid cheating?

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Why men cheat and lie: 10 most common reasons.

The cheating is one of the main reasons of breaking up of thousands of couples worldwide. All the loving women often wonder why men cheat and lie. Is it possible to save your relationship and prevent cheating? Let’s find the answer!

  1. He feels he is not good enough. If you partner often flirts, watches porn or cheat, he often lacks of self-confidence. This way he is trying to prove himself that he is still desirable and manly.picture cheating
  2. He needs a help of psychologist. If your partner suffered from physical or sexual abuse, he might use cheating to hide his emotional pain. Please, consider seeking a professional help to get rid of these trauma experiences.
  3. He is just lying. If your partner had always been polygamous in all his relationships, he will hardly become a faithful husband in marriage. However, some people drastically change when they find someone they really love.
  4. He has too high expectations from your relationship. If your boyfriend or husband is too narcissistic, focused on himself rather than his beloved, he is likely to suffer from lack of attention from your side. Cheating will become one of the ways to seek more intimate attention anywhere.
  5. He is bored. If you are not ready to fulfill all his sexual desires, especially when he desperately wants to try something out-of-ordinary, he might look for someone else who will make his dreams come true.
  6. He is tired of routine. If you’ve been married or dating for years, your partner might feel bored. Just make some sexual experiments, use cute lingerie and toys to brighten your sexual life.
  7. He is not in love with you. Although it might sound really painful, your loved one might not have deep feelings and value you. In this case, he will cheat and lie constantly.
  8. He wants to break off. Some men often use cheating when they want to stop their current relationship. They cheat, making you leave them for the reason of betrayal. However, this type of guys usually does not realize they really hurt their partners.

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  1. He is an addict. In case your partner uses sex to hide his emotions, or if he is an alcohol or drug addict, he needs to cure his dependencies medically.
  2. He is odd. Your partner might think if you don’t find out, you are not hurt. Furthermore, he doesn’t realize that you will reveal his lies sooner or later.


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