My Boyfriend is a Cheater: How to Deal With it?

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Why Men Are Unfaithful

There are many reasons why men can be unfaithful in a relationship. However, there are only two types of cheaters. How to deal with a gamer boyfriend will depend on the category he falls under.

1. The Serial Cheater
A serial cheater is a guy that cheats for fun. They are never satisfied with only one woman. They need to prove themselves but jumping from one woman to another. Serial cheaters are mostly incapable of heating. They think cheating is a sign of being manly. Of course, as you’d right predict, this is a childish behavior. If this is your kind of guy, you should do yourself less stress by trying to change him. These types of guys are professional gamers and you cannot change them whatsoever.

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2. The One-Time Cheater
If you guy only cheats on you once in a while, then he is probably incapable of playing games unless there is a reason to. Hence, you should look into your relationship with a view to finding the reasons why he is possibly looking at other women once in a while. If you find anything wrong in you, then you should forgive him. It is a very tricky situation and you should beware of making silly mistakes.

Furthermore, don’t attempt to take the blame for what he did. Of course, what he did is wrong and there is no doubt about that. He should have talked to you about the lapses before deciding to play games on you.

More so, you shouldn’t give a room for a second chance. You can’t keep your boyfriend by letting him get away with his games. Let him know that what he did is very wrong and you are not giving him any second chance to try such.

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How to date a cheater

You cannot stop your boyfriend from cheating with just a mere challenge. There are things you should work on especially if you want to keep him.

• Keep the Fire Burning
Don’t be a girlfriend for sex only. Spice up your relationship sometimes some other fun-filled and exciting activities. Even during sex, don’t always maintain the usual practice. Bring up a new innovation, tease and flirt with while you are doing it and give him a reason to come back for more.

• Always Show Him that You Care
Relationships do not only thrive of sex alone. Sometimes, your boyfriend wants you to support him financially, morally, intellectually, and academically. Offer him support as much as possible and discuss things with him. Let him be free with you and make you his gist partner.

Bottom line

Of course, dating a gamer boyfriend can be a demoralizing event. With all your commitments and efforts to make things work out, it is also heartbreaking to find your boyfriend having an affair with another random lady. Take advantage of our revelations above to learn how to date a gamer boyfriend.



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