Ending a Long Distance Relationship: Tips for Breaking up

Long Distance Relationship

Ending a Long Distance Relationship: How to Break up Painlessly.

The long distance relationship (LDR) is always challenging for both partners. You have shaky plans on future, you cannot be sure of your match’s constancy… If you are tired of all the issues of LDR and still hesitate, whether you really need to stop dating, our tips of professional psychologists on ending long distance relationships are here to help.

5 Signs You Need to End Your LDR

– You don’t constantly chat and talk to each other. If you suddenly realized that your communication levels significantly decreased; you don’t send each other dozens of smiles and small messages anymore, it’s one of the first signs you need to end your LDR.pict LDR

– You are too suspicious. If you are tired and exhausted of checking your partner online plenty of times each day, you definitely lack of trust. If you always worry that your beloved is doing something bad behind your back, this relationship is surely too much for you.

– You don’t look forward to see your partner in real life. If your dates ceased to be long-awaited, as well as you lack intimacy in communication, it’s a warning sign your love had faded.

– Your priorities changed. If you choose buying a new gadget rather than a ticket to visit your beloved, it’s obvious that your relationship run out.

– Your partner is not a person you fell in love with. If you have absolutely different views on future, habits, hobbies and have lack in common, it’s probably not your cup of tea.

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How Can You End Your LDR?

The hardest part of any unsuccessful relationship is to say you want to break up.

First of all, you need to tell it face-to-face. If you are planning to visit your partner soon, don’t miss that chance.

Stay firm and patient. You cannot predict your partner’s reaction for your decision. So, be calm and don’t leave any last chance if you’ve already decided to break up forever.

Second, return all your partner’s possessions (if you have any) as soon as possible. Don’t make the tough period of braking up even longer.

Third, start the new life. You are no longer limited with anything, so hang on with your friends, meet new people and set up amazing plans on future!



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