How to Make a Long-Distance Relationships and Marriages Work?

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Relationships and marriages are long-term commitments. There are times and period where you and your partner have to be separated by a long distance most for work-related activities. Sometimes, you might need to maintain such a long distance for months or even years. So, when you are thousands of miles away from your partner and family, how can you keep the fire of the relationship burning?

Tips on How to Keep Your Long-distance Relationship Alive

1. Be as open and honest as possible

What keeps a relationship alive is trust and honesty. Therefore, you should allow this to break in any form during your tour away from home. Be open and honest about everything you are thinking, feeling or doing. If not, you will only keep your partner guessing and can make them doubt their fidelity in you.

If you leave quality information about your moments, movements, and motions, your partner will have no reason to guess and the issue of doubt will not arise. Therefore, spending quality time with your partner on call and explaining your activities are vital and upholding a long distance relationship or marriage.

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2. Agree on regular communication

Doubt and jealousy can also come from lack of communication. The day is almost over and they didn’t phone as promised/agreed. Our mind becomes overburdened and we start wondering what they are doing right away. Are they with someone else? Can they now live without calling me?

I order to avoid this, agree to call, text or message your partner at certain times of the day. Spend quality time on the phone to discuss with your partner and don’t forget to explain your activities of the day.

3. Use a webcam or Skype whenever possible

Communications should not be limited to phone calls alone. Instead, you should incorporate live video conversations with your partner. Although this cannot solve the myriad of the distance, it does create a sense of intimacy than ordinary phone calls. Having video calls while cooking, shopping, or about to sleep can help to further strengthen the trust between you.

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Always grant permission for a video call every time. It can help you solidify the trust of your partner. They probably request a video call to verify the authenticity of the information you gave them. Even while driving, find a spot to park and answer their video call.

4. Turn the away time into a positive

Don’t feel depressed for every night you are apart. Of course, it is normal for you to miss your partner and recall the memories you shared together. However, this is not enough reason to regret your time away. Instead, make the best of your distance to learn new skills, attitudes, and practices that will re-ignite your relationship when you return.

Also, do not neglect to develop your career, business development, socializing with friends, and enjoying the moments in your location.

5. Ensure you have a common goal

This is probably the most important aspect of your distance. Make sure both of you are in a common agreement before you embark on the travel. If your partner does not agree to the distance, you should give it a second thought. Discuss and agree on what you should use the distance to achieve.

For instance, you may agree to live apart in order to cut rent or raise enough money to sponsor your children. You may also agree to embark on a business trip[ in order to learn new business skills or acquire new products. Without a common shared purpose or goal that will benefit your relationship, it may be harder to keep the relationship alive.

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Final thoughts

Engaging in a long-distance relationship requires the effort of both partners to make it work. In order to keep your long-distance relationship or marriage alive, you should maintain a regular communication, be as honest as possible, use webcam and Skype to initiate video conversations, turn your distance into a blessing for your relationship and ensure you have a common goal with your partner. These basic tips are vital for every long-distance relationship or marriage.



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