Top 10 best tips for long-distance relationships

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10 best tips for long-distance relationships: how to keep the flame of your love burning

Long-distance relationship is quite a challenge and one of the toughest periods in life of thousands of couples. How can you keep your flame burning, when you are miles away? What should you do to keep in touch with your beloved one? Below you will find 10 best tips for long distance relationships.

  1. Get to know your partner better. If you have never seen your partner in real life, try to get to know more about your new crush. You can easily find plenty of topics for discussion: from favorite dishes and music bands to the views on parenting and plans for life.
  2. Share photos and videos. In case you have been in relationship for a long time, do not be afraid to share some moments of your life with your partner. Use one of the popular services for texting, sending photos and videos, and broad your communication with ease.
  3. Avoid telling too personal information. If you are not sure about the feelings of your new crush, do not share any financial data or private photos with your match. Security first!
  4. Be honest and do not exaggerate your achievements. Even if you would like to look better in your partner’s eyes, make sure to tell the truth only.
  5. Find more things in common. You may watch the same movies, play videogames and read the same books. This way, you will get additional topics for discussion, as well as find out, whether you have similar views.

  1. Make plans. Your long-distance relationship should have some borders. Just plan a vacation together or moving into a single flat. One of the best tips for long distance relationships is to have some mutual goals and purposes.
  2. Write paper letters to each other. No, that is not e-mails. The paper letters have their own particular charm. Do not miss a chance to diversify your relationship!
  3. Do not be afraid to discuss tough issues. Coping with misunderstanding successfully is one of the key features of any healthy relationship.

  1. Do not expect immediate responses. Your crush still needs some personal space. Do not overwhelm his or her life totally.
  2. Avoid being stuck in your relationship. You also need some free time to hang out with friends, go in for sports or visit your parents. Note: your long-distance relationship is not the most important thing in your life.


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