7 Signs you have a bad marriage and what to do with it

bad marriage

7 signs of bad marriage: How to fix your relationship?

Every couple often goes through the periods of crisis. The birth of children, moving to another city of just being tired of everyday routine are the most common things that make most people feeling unhappy. Do you have a bad marriage? Should you break up? Find out a list of warning signs of unhappy marriage, and ways to fix them.

  1. You have nothing to say to each other. Try to find some common hobbies, read the same books, watch the same movies to share your thoughts and feelings. This simple trick will give you more topics for discussion.
  2. You are not each other’s priority. The first thing you will need to do is to have an honest talk. Why does it happen? Try to spend more time together and remember this terrific feeling when you were having your first dates.
  3. You do not have date nights anymore. Easy to fix! Arrange a date by yourself! Moreover, it will be a really cool idea to spend a couple of days on holidays together. Visit new places or just book a room for you two in a hotel.bad marriage
  4. You are going to have an emotional affair. Why not to have a hot night with your partner? Imagine you have just met, go on a ‘first date’ and behave like you know each other only a couple of days.
  5. You do not listen to your partner. Accept that you are not always right. Being a good listener is not an easy thing. However, work on yourself and avoid interrupting when your beloved one is talking to you.couple marriage
  6. You have stopped fighting. Try to find the real reasons you are no longer trying to improve your relationship. Do you still love each other? If so, try to save your marriage no matter what!
  7. You are not having sex. Sex is one of the indicators of a healthy relationship. To add more intimacy to your marriage, try something new and seduce your partner.

What is the best way to fix a bad marriage? This depends on the problems of a certain couple. All in all, try to do your best to save your marriage, and listen to your gut. If you still love each other, there are chances you will improve your marriage! Stay strong and good luck.



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