Before You Say ‘I do’

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Top Vital Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

Getting married is surely one of the most responsible steps in your life. Therefore, to make your couple live happily ever after you will need to know some basic goals, perspectives, habits and expectations of your partner. What are the most necessary questions one need to ask before settling down? Below you will find the list of the biggest topics for discussion before you say “I do”.

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Top Questions to Ask Your Groom Before Getting Married

1. His attitude to drugs, gambling and alcohol. Being married to an addict is challenging even for the most loving ladies. Make sure your fiancé is not drinking or smoking too much weed, as well as he has plenty of hobbies aside from computer games. Don’t ignore potential problems. Something looking funny when you are dating might cause serious issues when you become married.

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2. If he is planning to have kids. If you are dreaming about big family, make sure your groom shares your values. It might be really difficult to convince a child-free fan to have his own kids. Moreover, discuss a perfect age for giving a birth to your firstborn. Building a successful career and having kids simultaneously is nearly impossible.

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3. Handling stress. Make sure your future husband doesn’t show any signs of aggression or tyranny. If you hesitate, whether to marry a choleric subject with hard temper, don’t hurry up with your wedding. Try to live together for a couple of months to find out, whether you are ready to accept it.

4. Sharing your household responsibilities. Make sure your fiancé is ready to help you to cook or clean the house. Any healthy relationship implies mutual help and support not only during tough periods, but also in your daily routine.

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5. Money. The family budget is one of the most common reasons for fights in thousands of new families. That is why it is better to discuss “money question” before settling down. Will you have one budget or your own personal budgets? Who will pay rent and other obligatory payments? Since it might seem a tough topic, don’t miss it.

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6. Personal time. Everyone needs some free space. However, some guys think it’s absolutely normal to handle with mates at night clubs every weekend, while you might find it unacceptable. The boundaries for personal space seem too different in this case.

7. Flirt. Most men are polygamous. That is why you will need to know, when starts an emotional and physical affair, according to your fiancé’s views. Don’t forget to talk about emotional intimacy and secrets in your couple.

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8. Religion. In case your partner is religious, ask him about his views on regular worships, visiting sacred places and even an importance to engage your future kids to his faith.

9. Country to live in. Dreaming to live on Hawaii islands? Tell it to your partner and make sure he is ready to move and share your attitude to new places for dwelling.

10. Sex. Although there are some couples that don’t accept any sexual relations before marriage, they still need to discuss their intimate life before settling down. Communication and understanding is always your key to creating a new happy family.



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