Concept of marriage: Why do we marry?

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Concept of marriage: Why do people want to marry?

Marriage is one of the ways to create a new family officially. However, marriage is not only rearing kids, it usually includes a number of benefits and obligations. Being married is a public status that legitimates your relationship. What is the most common concept of marriage? Why do most people want to marry? Let’s find out!

Marriage is one of the oldest institutions worldwide. Different countries and societies usually have different viewpoints on marriage, process of choosing a partner and their number, as well as wedding ceremonies. Some nations have marriage traditions that greatly differ from the classical form of American wedding. Thus, in some countries the husband can have several wives, while in the others parents still decide, whom their kids are going to marry.

What are the main functions of marriage?

  • Recognition of the society. Married girl and boy are accepted by the society as a couple, a husband and a wife. Not to mention, in many countries future couples cannot live together before an official marriage.
  • Legitimacy of children. The kids born in a marriage are officially recognized. Furthermore, they become legal heirs to the family’s property.
  • Caring function. Husband and wife need to take care of each other, as well as of their kids. Another concept of marriage is love, support and understanding between the two people.
  • Basis of the family. A married couple builds their own family, creating the smallest cluster of any society.
  • Having a spouse usually means you are not allowed to have any extraneous sexual relations. This way, marriage disciplines and provides some moral restrictions for both partners.
  • Creating a new family helps to perpetuate the name of the family. In some cases, using your family name can give you an opportunity to discover your ancestors with ease.

All in all, due to significant cultural differences between the different countries, there is no single concept of marriage. However, the main function of any marriage is to become a recognizable part of the society and to bring up children.



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