Dating someone who does not want to get married and what to do about it

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Dating someone who does not want to get married: Is the game worth the candle?

Dating world is full of challenges. When it comes to the long-term relationship, one of the most serious issues is dating a partner, who is overall not sharing an idea of marriage. Can these relationships be serious? What should you do in this case? Find out some handy tips on dating someone who doesn’t want to get married right here.

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  • Find the real reasons of rejecting to marry. Was your partner previously married? Are his or her parents in divorce and he feels pain, when you start talking about marriage? It is essential to explore the real reason for not wanting to marry. This way, you will be able to decide, whether you still want to continue being with your crush.
  • Is your partner actually ready for the marriage? The most important thing to know is whether marriage will be completely off the table for particular person. Perhaps, your crush has not enough money to arrange wedding right now or he/she is planning to finish studies first. Will your partner be ready for marriage in a year or two? Is it worth waiting?
  • Your partner worries that your relationship might become worse in marriage. Not to mention, it is a common cliché for thousands of people. Here, you will need to have a sincere talk about what both of you are waiting from your relationship. If your values do not match, it might easily lead to breakup. Try to find a compromise, suitable for both of you.


  • What is your real reason for getting married? Do you need a marriage certificate to prove you have a true love? Or have you dreamt about beautiful white dress since your childhood? Do you need a wedding ceremony? Try to realize, why you need to marry and then tell it to your partner.

All in all, the key to any healthy relationship (either you are married or not) is compromise and successful communication. Do not push your partner or give an ultimatum for wedding, otherwise, you might destroy your relationship. Be patient, consider all factors and make common decisions together with your beloved one. Do you really need to have a wedding? Do you still love your partner, despite his attitude to marriage? If your answer is yes, then perhaps that is actually all you need for happiness.



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