Does Marriage Kill Romance?

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Refresh your relationship

Romance, flowers, original confessions of love, crazy acts, passion – all this certainly was in your life at the beginning of dating. But after a while, relations with a man take on a routine form, more like a performance of duties, rather than a manifestation of love. This does not mean that love has died and you need a new relationship. Your task is to return the romance back in marriage. Find out in this article how to maintain romance after marriage.

How to bring romance back into marriage: useful advices

1. Be cheerful. The first mistake you can make is to try to provoke a compassionate partner. Choosing this tactic, you lose, because he fell in love, not in a pathetic, and in a cheerful girl. Therefore, be active and open to the world and everything new.

2. Pay attention to your appearance. Are you as beautiful as when you first met? Return to your image the former attraction and charm. Dress yourself so that you pay attention to other men. Be so that your image fascinates and evokes a feeling of easy jealousy. It’s in 100% brings interest and after marriage romance.

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3. Admire your beloved. It is very important. Tell him the most exalting words. Forget about reproaches. Saying all this, you will emphasize the importance of your man, thereby satisfying his need for attention.

4. Morning orgasm and fried eggs for breakfast! Yes, you understood correctly. This is how you do not leave free space in his head for thoughts related to others. He will live this day, admiring you and remembering the wonderful beginning of the day.

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5. Think of a hobby (if you do not have one). Be engaged not only in the house and interests of your man, but also with yourself. Surround yourself with ease and cheerful people.

6. Talk about your desires. Not in the form of complaints and reproaches, but in the form of reasoning and dreams. Aloud imagine yourself and a man in the Maldives, fantasize about the beautiful love evenings on the ocean. This will awaken in a man the desire to surprise, bring a romance back in the marriage, and you yourself will not notice how it will all turn out.

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7. Give freedom to your partner. Stop calling around and ask where he is and with whom. Let him know that you believe him and that he, your man, is the best on earth. A sense of freedom will give him self-confidence, and it is unlikely he will want to lose it.

8. Spend time together. Your task is to generate interest in yourself. Enough to beg and persuade him to go with you to the theater. Invite him yourself! Buy tickets and put before the fact. Do not blame him for occasional appearances. Spend this evening with good and speak to each other only warm and gentle words.

9. Take the man crazy about you. Turn your relationship into a theatrical site. Flirt with it, touch it as often as it is in your abilities. Your tactile contact with him should be as natural to him as breathing. You are not around, and he feels uneasy.



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