Impact of Childhood for Your Marriage

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How Can Your Childhood Influence Your Relationship?

Thousands of psychologists believe that childhood has a vital influence on our future. This rule works for various spheres of life, including career expectations, plans for future and even your personal life. How childhood experiences impact marriage relationships? What should you do to create a happy family in case you have too many negative childhood memories? Let’s find out!

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How Childhood Affects Relationships?

– Neglect. One of the most serious issues caused by your childhood memories is transferring your negative experience to your new relationship. It might be difficult to control this problem, since you make the same mistakes unconsciously. If you have been often left alone or abandoned by your parents, you might get an indifferent partner, who will not care about you. It is not normal, so be careful, when you feel your loved one is not paying attention to you.

– Perfectionism. In case your parents tried to put too much effort to make you winner, excellent pupil and amazing high achiever, you might easily got used to get the best. This rule can easily work for relationship and marriage: you might be looking for the perfect match with almost no drawbacks and imperfections. However, beau ideals don’t exist. Therefore, if you fell in love with someone with all your heart, stop looking for an eidolon.

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– Too high expectations. In case your parents forced you to choose profession, job and university, you might demonstrate the same behavior for your kids, causing plenty of issues with your family. Let your children choose by themselves, no matter on how difficult it might sound. If they ask you for advice, tell about your views, but avoid using your force or authority.

– Tyranny. How childhood experiences affect your marriage? In case your family was living under the influence of an aggressive or harsh parent, you might shift this behavior model to your new relationship. If you feel you can’t cope with your personal aggression, consider visiting a professional psychologist.

– Helpless. Did you get used, that most important decisions in your life were made by your parents rather than you? This issue might make you look for the match, who will do the same. Try to live more independently and listen to your heart to eliminate the influence of you child’s memories.

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– Self-sacrifice. Avoid putting youк interests below the needs of your loved one. Your help and support, as well as contributions to the relationship should be always mutual.

– Low self-esteem. If you suffered from mockery or bullying in the childhood, you might believe you are not worthy of true love or respect. However, this is absolutely wrong. Try to elevate your self-esteem, become more confident and just fall in love with yourself. This thing is vital for creating a healthy relationship.



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