Last of Sexless Marriage: When to Walk Away


Sexless marriages are of different dynamics, some have been from the beginning (albeit rare), while a lot of others grew into the sexless state over time. Living in a sexless marriage can be a hard thing to do because of the fact that most sexless marriages are prone to anger, hatred, despise and regular misunderstanding than marriages with active sexual intimacy among the couples. If you’re in a sexless marriage, you might have grown quite tired and might be wondering about when to walk away from sexless marriage and how to get a divorce due to sexless marriage. However, before you make such decisions to leave a sexless marriage or continue living in a sexless marriage, there are questions you need to ask yourself and provide answers to. Asking and answering these questions will help you make a more careful decision that’s not biased and thoughtless. Rushing into decisions might end up in regret, this is why you really need to determine if you want out of a relationship, or you’ll stay and look for solutions to the lack of sex and sex drive.

What is Causing Your Relationship to Be Sexless?

This is the first and important question that you need to provide an answer to is the cause of the lack of sex and sex drive in your relationship. Understanding why your relationship is sexless will give you do you and your relationship a world of good. An example is a fact that if you and your partner have busy schedules and time-consuming works or jobs, your lack of sex in the marriage might be because you are not creating enough time to be intimate and explore the sexual aspect of your relationship. In such a case, the needed thing to do is to take time and create a schedule that you will fit into your busy schedule and shoot your sexual intimacy with your partner to the sky.

Other times, the lack of sex in some couples’ marriage and relationship is not as a result of busy schedules or lack of time. Instead, it might be lack (or loss) of physical attraction to their partner, loss of interest in sex, or loss of interest in making love to their partner that might be caused by different happenings and situations that are making sexual intimacy with your partner more of a chore than something delightful and fun. Also, some couples lose their sex drive with the addition of children to their family dynamics. Knowing the exact problem or reason for the lack of sex in your relationship is very crucial in determining what step to take about the issue.

Also, there are some couples that eight from the beginning, sex has never really been a big part of their relationship because they see their partner as more of a friend and companion than a romantic mate or someone they compulsorily have to get sexually intimate with. There as well are those couples who lost their sex drive and sexual attraction to their spouse after a case of the discovered infidel. Knowing the reason is a big step to finding a viable solution and making a decision.

Is Sex Important in a Relationship?

This is another important question to ask yourself before deciding to get a divorce due to sexless marriage. This question is one that has been asked by many people and which a lot of people also have tried to provide verified answers to. Some people believe that sex in a relationship is essential in maintaining a personal connection both physically and emotionally with their partner. Some see the frequency of sex in their marriage as a tell-tale sign of the healthiness of the relationship. Some people believe that it does not have any special effect on marriage (a very few amounts of people are in this category). The best way to decide on this question is to examine if you’ve been really intimate and involved in sexual intimacy with your partner from the onset. If you have and all of a sudden, there’s a break in such intimacy, there might be a need to quickly attend to your sexual problem.

How Important Is Sex to You?

This is the final question to seal the decision bag. Ultimately it all boils down to you and your choice. You have to ask yourself how important sex really is to you. Do you really need to have sex to stay in a relationship? Can you cope in a sexless relationship? What else can keep you in the relationship in the absence of sex” ad so on? Sex is very important for some people while for some, it is not really compulsory. You have to determine what does it for you; more sex? Less sex? Or not sex? Whichever answer you get here is important to your decision making. After you’ve decided, you should then hold a discussion with your partner. Remember, communication is important in a relationship as much as sex is! After discussing possible compromise with your partner, you can decide to either stay or walk away depending on the outcome of the conversation.



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