Marriage: The First Year’s Tricks and Secrets

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Marriage: The First Year’s Top 7 Tricks and Secrets

After any amazing wedding day and awesome honeymoon always starts a daily routine. The new couple starts their own new life together, facing with a wide variety of small issues each day. Why is the first year of marriage is considered to be the hardest? How can you get through it with minimum efforts?

The secret is you will need to avoid the most common mistakes newest couples make in their first year of marriage. Here you go!

– They don’t talk about the money. Although talking about the money is often difficult, you need to calculate your budget together. You should know your sums of dept, expanses and incomes to provide a stable financial environment to your new family.

talking about the money

– Forgetting these cute small gestures. You will still need to make each other presents, buy tasty things and take care of each other. And you should always do it.

– They don’t share household roles. Many ladies try to do their best to demonstrate their exceptional house holding skills and impress their husbands. The matter is that most husbands won’t be actually impressed! However, too many household responsibilities might easily make any lady exhausted and discontent.

house holding skills

– Keeping silence about annoying things and habits. No matter on how your partner might seem you before marriage, he or she will still have something that is annoying. Just talk about it and share your thoughts and worries.

annoying things and habits

– Fighting badly is another common issue of the first year of marriage. You will need to study how to argue with no harm to your relationship. This is a first point, where starts effective communication.

– Feeling old. Getting married is one of the most important steps of any personality. However, you might start feeling too old and mature after getting married. Support each other and try to hang out, as you did before settling down.

– Routine sex life. Now you live together and often have similar evenings. Your sex might become a little bit less bright, but it’s still up to you to diversify it.

sex in relationships

All in all, to come through the first year of marriage, just be honest and love each other!



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