Marriage: How to Write a Perfect Wedding Vow

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10 Easy Tips to Write a Perfect Wedding Vow

Wedding is one of the most exhilarating moments in our lives, as long as wedding vows are always incredibly touching. However, it is often challenging to write a really great and heart-melting vow with all you love and passion. We’ve collected a number of tips to make your creative process of writing a vow much easier: just follow these easy steps and get a beautiful vow with ease!

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10 Prompts to Write a Traditional Wedding Vow

1. Discuss the basic rules for a vow with your match. There are hundreds of couples that want to miss the tradition of telling wedding vows. Are you among them? In case you’ve chosen to include vows to your ceremony, make sure you’ve got similar views on it. Choose either classical or modern option, funny or poetic and agree to write your vows in a similar style.

2. Find an inspiring place. You might go to the park, where you had a first kiss or visit any remarkable place that reminds you the most positive moments in your relationship. Relax, spend a few quite minutes and start writing from the heart.

3. Make a few drafts. You might have several ideas about your vow; therefore, making a few different samples is a really good idea. You might choose the best option later.

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4. Take a look in the Internet. Search for the best wedding vows, but don’t copy them. You might just try to create the same atmosphere or use similar style. Not to mention, bringing something personal to your vow makes is even greater.

5. Avoid writing clichés. There is nothing more touching than a simple vow, written with love and care. Standard phrases and classical templates are boring and are often disappointing. However, your vow should be understandable by your guests to avoid confuse or losing your best moment.

6. Make things short. What are the best wedding vows? These are short ones. A perfect vow usually lasts no longer than a couple of minutes. That is why, describing all the awesome memories are not the best option.

7. Tell about your love. Still hesitate, how to finish your wedding vow? Just tell that you love your match. Simple, but incredibly heart melting.

8. Don’t postpone creating a vow to the last minute. This is an important part of your wedding, so you surely need to get prepared beforehand.

9. Practice it loud. When your vow is almost ready, say it loud to yourself. This way, you will easily find out, whether it’s too long or too short, cut of too long sentences and make your whole speech more easy-to-listen. Furthermore, this simple trick will help you to feel more confident at your real wedding.

10. Make a copy. You might feel nervous before the ceremony and even forget a vow that you’ve prepared in advance. So, take a copy and look through it before wedding not to miss anything important.

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