Should you settle down? Right and Wrong Reasons to Make a Match

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Why Do People Pair Off: Right and Wrong Reasons to Espouse

There is nothing new that the U.S. has a whopping divorce rates. What are the reasons for such a worrying statistics? Why do people espouse and have a divorce in just a couple of years? The matter is that many couples still make plenty of mistakes when it comes to settling down. What are the right and wrong reasons to make a match?

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Wrong Reasons to Pair Off:

– Your folks insist on your choice. Parents usually have a high influence on their kids’. This might come for education, place to live and even marriage plans. Remember that this is your life and only your choice. Avoid getting under the pressure!

– All your mates have been already married. Another wrong reason to get a wife is that all your mates have been happily married and might even have kids. Would you like to spend years with someone you actually don’t love only because your younger sister married first?

– Kids. Many couples settle down because of the woman’s pregnancy. Others might espouse only because they desperately want to have kids. Both options are wrong. You might not be married to have kids (and be happy)

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– Money. Pairing off with a rich guy or lady might make your life even more complicated. Some people are not as rich as they seem to be from the first glance. Furthermore, high incomes might often come with high financial risks.

– Sex. Some couples don’t have sex before marriage due to religious issues. That is why they might hurry up to get married to have sex ASAP. However, sex is not the only way to make each other feel really good. Therefore, sex is another wrong reason to pair off.

– You want to revenge. You’ve recently broken up with the person you really loved and suddenly found someone, who really loves you. It might sound a good idea to marry another guy to show your ex that you are really happy. Nevertheless, you are not actually happy! And you might become even less happy when you start your family life with someone you don’t love.

– Loneliness. Are you tired from being lonely? Are you afraid of loneliness? If you espouse with no deep feelings to your partner, you might easily miss someone you can really fall in love with.

Are you afraid of loneliness?

– Have a marriage of your dream and get presents. This issue is often followed by ladies. However, wedding is just a one day, while the marriage is for years. Another secret truth is that you are going to spend more money for arranging your ‘best day ever’ than you would have on buying everything needed for yourself.

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Good reasons for espousing:

– Love. The best reason to settle down is true love between you two. If you have sincere feelings, mutual trust and understanding, you are ready for making a match.

– You have similar goals. Both of you have common family values and lifetime plans for future. These are also good reasons to hitch.

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– You feel connected and want to share your life with your beloved. If you feel comfortable, when you think that your partner will become your lifetime espouse, you are mature enough to create a new family.



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