Tips and Tricks on How You Can Plan Your Wedding Quickly

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There are very many instances that can make you want to do your wedding really quick, one of them might be your job which does not give you much of time and so when you get a small leave, you would want to plan everything in that small break, or maybe it can just be pressure from friends, every friend of yours just got married an you fear being left out and so you push your target just nearer. In either situation you will need to plan your wedding really quick, however stressful it may look, it is comfortably manageable if you do your things right. In this article, we will be taking you through some very important tips that will help you plan your wedding very quickly and end up successful.

Wedding Planning Ideas

1. Find a friend to help you

If you want to make your plans really quick, you will need someone to help you think through the processes and also give you alternatives. What you have to put in mind is that not everyone can be able to deal with pressure and so when you are choosing a person to help you, go for the one who seems sharp of all, who will not slow you down. Remember that you might just be having a few weeks to make this happen and that is why you might not have time to start weighing ten options just for one thing, just shortlist few options like two and pick one from them.

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2. When picking a date

This is the very first thing to do, it does not involve just mentioning the date you want your wedding to be, the most important consideration is how convenient is the date you wish to pick? You would want to pick one which is convenient for most of your intended guests, especially those you feel they must be present like parents from both sides. When picking your date, you will have to be more flexible, make all considerations before you settle on one, and also, you better pick the date that is on the very end of your time limit to give you maximum planning time, for instance, if you only have one month to hold your wedding, pick your date in the very last week in that month.

3. When creating your budget

Technically this is the backbone of your wedding; a budget will determine how your wedding will be. What you have to keep in mind here is that you don’t have much of and that is why it can be a little bit pricy for you because you don’t have time to move around making comparisons for each thing you want. When making a budget, try to be realistic and accurate, there is no time for underestimating even one thing, it is important that you make it knowing the approximate price of everything that is included, you can have a reference point where you have checked about the prices to make sure that whatever funds you are allocating for a certain thing can b able to accomplish it.

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4. When looking for a venue

When picking a venue, it is very important that you find one which will make your work easier. A venue which has all you need is the best, for instance, a place like a lounge or a resort and maybe a hotel, these places are self-sufficient, first they are really decorated which means you will need very little décor that can be very easy and cheap too, two, you will need no more chairs, most of such venues are always prepared for such events and they will have all you need, lastly you will not need to get a different venue for your reception, the same venue will be sufficient. Don’t go for a venue that will require you to get everything made from scratch, you don’t have that time anyway.

5. When inviting guest

First make a list of all the guests you want to invite to avoid confusion of missing to send the invitation, the second thing is that you will need tom chose a method which is very fast in delivering the message, obviously you don’t have time to sit down and make cards to send them one by one via mailbox to each guest, this is the reason why you should opt for email, it delivers your message really fast and you get an instant feedback. When you are sending the invitations, make sure you are doing it early enough to prepare your guests before they make different plans for the day.

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6. Make early preparations for the day

Now that you know the day, you have done your budget and you know your venue, you can go ahead and make preparations, make sure you are making purchases early for things that are possible t do so like garments, flowers and other things, also make sure you are booking the services early, for instance you will need a makeup artist on a material day, you will also need a mobile therapist to do massage just from your place and so you don’t need to walk around to the spa, also make early transport arrangements because rush hour is not good for a wedding. Finally, make sure that everything you planned is going as you wish so that if anything fails to work, you can find a solution really fast. Once you are done with these, you are good to go. Enjoy!



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