Should you try a sleep divorce?

sleep divorce

Should you try a sleep divorce? Can it save your marriage?

The tendency of couples sleeping in different bedrooms is currently on the rise. According to the resent studies, one out of four couples regularly sleeps in separate beds. Is it healthy for a relationship? What should you do in case you are desperately exhausted? Should you try a sleep divorce? Here are the answers!

There are plenty of reasons, why people choose to sleep apart. First of all, this is a common choice of thousands of shift workers, since they often come home late; they just take care about their partner’s good sleep. Second, many people use gadgets in their bedrooms; the blue glow from the tablet or laptop might disturb the spouse’s dreams. The third significant reason of sleep divorce is snoring and sneezing of one of the partners. And the fourth one is little kids, who might still sharing bed with one of the parents.

benefits of sleep divorce

What are the benefits of sleep divorce?

  • You will finally sleep well. No more annoying noises and light! No one can disturb your deep sleep.

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  • You become healthier. There is nothing new that a perfect sleep and complete relax at nights will improve your state of health and stamina. You become rested and happy.
  • You become more productive. When you have a perfect night sleep, your brain often works better at daytime. Looking for fresh ideas? Sleep well!
  • Your sexual arousal rises. You feel that sex becomes better, you found yourself to be more horny and ready for sexual experiments.

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However, not all the healthcare professionals and psychologists find separate sleep to be such an awesome option. Thus, many psychotherapists and relationship experts believe that sleeping in different bedrooms is a warning sign that something goes wrong. This issue might also lead to lack of intimacy. Therefore, before trying a sleep divorce, many couples consider buying a bigger bed, curing the partner’s snoring or making their kids sleep in their own beds (depending on the issue).

If you have already practicing sleeping separately, make sure to have other common activities, since creating a distance might lead to entire separate lives. Try to have similar hobby, go in for sports together or do anything to feel the deep tights between you two.



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