Сontrol Problems in Relationships: 7 Warning Signs

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7 Warning Signs of Сontrol Problems in Relationships.

The healthy relationship can be described as a unique combination of freedom, support and mutual understanding. However, some people face with a serious issue of excessive control of their partners. How can you find out, when your match’s care becomes too overwhelming? Does your loved one suppress you? Below are the most common warning signs of control problems in relationships.

  1. Limiting your communication with family and friends. The first step of most controlling people is setting bounds for your freedom. However, if your loved one argues against your favorite parties with your numerous friends of opposite sex, there is nothing to be afraid.
  2. Too much critics. If your partner does not like your appearance, style, habits and tastes, can he really be the loving person? In case your mate’s criticism becomes all-embracing, consider a break off.
  3. Threats are another common tool of manipulators. The controlling person might promise to harm himself or herself, as well as hang over you with physical violence. Don’t be afraid to stop these unhealthy relations ASAP!control problems
  4. In case you partner is constantly spying or requiring constant disclosure, it’s a really bad sign of control problems in relationships. You shouldn’t share all your secrets, views and emotions with your partner. It doesn’t matter, how close you are, both of you still need some privacy.
  5. Being too jealous. In case you are not flirting with other girls or guys, paying plenty of attention to your loved one and spending most of your free time with your beloved, there is nothing to be jealousy about. Unfair accusations and paranoid behavior might become serious reasons for breaking up.Problems in Relationships
  6. Forcing you to try alcohol or drugs. Your loved one no longer respects your decisions. If your partner is trying to weaken you with cigarettes, drugs or alcohol, when you don’t want to, just run away, until it’s too late.
  7. He or she makes you doubt yourself. All the loving couples try to support any educational and professional purposes of each other. In case your beloved makes you lose your confidence, putting down your goals and ambitions, it’s definitely a dangerous sign of too much control.

The control problems in relationships are a serious issue. If you feel you cannot cope with all these problems, please, consider visiting a psychologist.



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