5 Top Relationship Killers

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Relationship Problems

Relationships are magical and you’d think that the strongest relationships never die but you’d be wrong. Even a couple experiencing the strongest connection can be massacred by relationship killers. It’s literally ironical. How can something so strong break? Why should a strong relationship be handled delicately? It is what it is. Love is not the only thing that keeps relationships alive. Dealing with issues that can compromise it is what makes it stand.

You’ve had of all these statements that couples state when they are dealing with a divorce. It could be ‘’we are too different’’, ‘’we want different things in life’’, ‘’we grew apart’’…it’s a long list. All those feelings are as a result of unsolved problems that couples encounter along the way.

Top Issues That May Kill Your Relationship

Lack of communication

This is one major issue that many couples face by overlooking its importance. However, issues start here. If you are not happy about your partner’s behavior and you do not talk about it, it’ll grow to be resentment. When that happens, it’ll lead to carelessness. Sometimes your partner may be having no idea that they have wronged you. And then you go ahead and count the mistake of which you won’t be doing both of you justice. Your partner might even continue doing the mistake while you are expecting them to identify it like they are some kind of ‘’all knowing’’ being. It can’t happen and if you do not inform them about your unhappiness, resentment will grow in you until you are fed up.

To solve communication issues, you have to start taking to your significant other. You do not have to do it in harsh way. Try to exercise patience even when you can’t seem to master the art. Tell them lovingly and see them change. Do not expect rainbows instantly but try communicating all the time. Although communication mostly applies to the negatives, always communicate any compliments that you feel like your partner deserves as well. Tell them how you feel about them frequently and you’ll see your relationship holding some ground. Communication is not key, it’s the foundation.

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There’s nothing good that ever comes out of lies. It’s always lack of trust that follows and from then, your relationship will always be an unstoppable tumbling stone. However, distrust is not always caused by lies. Sometimes you might create certain illusions in your head like your partner is cheating on you and what not. However, there is a difference between awareness and distrust. You are aware that infidelity may happen or whatever lies can happen. Even if that’s a reality, try as much as possible to erase nagging thoughts of what ifs. If you can ask your partner about it, do so and if they confirm you are thinking falsely, tell them to forget it and delete those thoughts in your mind. You and your partner will live so much better if you do that.

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This one is really overlooked and the destroyer of all. When you are in a disrespectful relationship, one of you often belittles, abuses or generally acts like you are better than the other, your connection won’t survive. When two people love each other, they are supposed to be equals and friends in a relationship. Friends know how to give each other space, they know how to support each other and love their weaknesses. Look at your real friends, how do they behave around you? Do they call you names because you can’t have a child or you earn less than they do? If they do, they are not real friends and just like all relationships, your friendship will end. When one starts disrespecting the other, it’s never a good sign. That’s one of the common relationship problems which when not solved, could lead to the death of a relationship.

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Absence of boundaries

Who were you before you got into that relationship? Sometimes you might love someone and get all ‘’I want to be with you all the time’’ kind of way. We get it, you are in love…but where are your interests, your friends? Your partner is someone to come back to after you have your ‘’me’’ time. Go hangout with your friends every now and then and let your partner do the same. After that, you can come back to your space feeling refreshed. If you spend too much time together, it’ll be all suffocating and sooner or later, the bubble will burst and your relationship will no longer be existent. Go out there, be you and come back to appreciate your connection with another being.

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You can do this subconsciously or consciously. If you come home, do not even ask your partner about their day and get on to look into your phone, there’s a big problem. People come together into a relationship in order to love and feel loved. When any of you is having problems while the partner knows, it’s important to provide support. When your partner is having issues with you and you come straight to sleep, it becomes a problem. Your partner should be your favorite person. When you come home, the first thing should be checking up on them which instantly connects you with them on a deeper level. Neglect is a relationship killer. However, it can be easily be solved as you try to make more time for your partner.

Relationships are delicate and every relationship has problems. However, solving the problems is what keeps the love alive.



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