6 signs he’s losing interest and what to do about it

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6 signs he’s losing interest and what to do about it. Should you try to save your relationship?

Things went great until, suddenly they are not. Sounds familiar? What actually happened? Is your partner losing interest in you? Can you save your relationship from break up? Find out a list of 6 signs he’s losing interest and what to do about it.

  • Your boyfriend has too many excuses. At the first stages of your relationship, he always found time for you. But now, he has lack of free time, too much work and plenty of other foreground things to do. In case you ask for help, and your guy refuses due to any important issue, he might actually not want to spend time with you.
  • Seldom phone calls. You have been texting dozens of times per day, but suddenly he stops calling and sending messages. Therefore, he is not interested in deep communication with you anymore. Not to mention, it is one of the first red flags that he is losing interest in you.

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  • He becomes rude and angry. If your guy started ignoring you, gets angry when you call him and avoid spending much time with you, his interest in you is dropping.
  • He does not ask questions. Your boyfriend is no longer asking about your working day, your emotions and plans. This way, he just does not care for you anymore.
  • He lies too much. If a guy is constantly lying about his plans, goals and intentions, it is another warning sign he is not ready for a long-term relationship with you. A guy has plenty of free time, but he is not going to spend it with you.
  • You feel you become an alternative (but not his priority option). Hanging out with friends is the best time to spend for him. He calls and dates you only in case he has nothing else to do or when everyone else is busy.

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What should you do with all these stuff? First of all, have a talk. Tell your boyfriend about your feelings and worries and see his reaction. If he opens up and shares his emotions, you might not have any relationship problems at all. However, if he makes a distance even deeper, lies or avoids serious conversations, it is time to move on with someone else. Do not waste your time, making attempts to get him back: the true love does not need too much effort!



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