7 Best Ways to Stop Fighting in Relationship

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7 Best Ways to Overcome Conflicts in the Relationship

Fights are an inevitable part of any dating. However, some couples argue in a peaceful way without blaming each other, while the others can’t stop shouting and making hurt on purpose. Is it possible to have fewer fights? How to heal your relationship? Below you will find 10 tips on how to stop fighting.

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7 Prompts to Fight Less

1. Avoid shouting. Shouting is one of the worst forms of conflicts. Furthermore, many psychologists find it as one of the methods of psychological abuse. If you want your partner to hear you, you don’t need to shout. Healthy communication starts with patience and loyalty.

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2. Become a better listener. A common fight is when none of partners listen to the other. Try to understand and accept your crush’s viewpoint and listen to his or her arguments before you start telling yours.

3. Don’t blame your partner. When you face with any kind of conflict, there are no 100% guilty or innocent partners. So, both of you should take the responsibility about the issue. By blaming your partner in all the issues, you will just make your relationship worse.

4. Avoid fighting, when your kids are behind you. This rule should become a number one for any family with children. If you feel angry, annoyed of offended, discuss all the issues with your partner, when your kids are not at home or they already went to bed. Otherwise, your children might face with serious psychological conditions in future.

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5. Lower your expectations. Your partner is not a prince or princess from the happy fairytale. All of us have drawbacks and imperfections. If you really love your partner, you will need to accept negative features of your partner or just get used to them. Dirty dishes are not the most important thing for the successful relationship!

6. Respect your partner. Your crush might be doing something wrong. However, there are definitely plenty of things your partner can do better than you. Mutual respect is what you always need, either when you fight, or when you are in peace.

7. Have a small break. If you feel you just can’t stand your partner anymore, don’t destroy your relationship at once. Have a small break, live separately for a couple of days or weeks and investigate your own feelings. Perhaps, the true reason of your anger is not your partner, but your family or professional issues.

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What should you do, if you still can’t stop fighting? This way, you might consider visiting a professional psychologist to understand your needs and expectations. Keep calm and good luck!



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