Are You In a Codependent Relationship? – How to Fix it Successfully

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Codependent Relationship: The Red Flags and the Ways to Fix It

The partners in the happy couple usually depend on each other a little bit. So, what is a codependent relationship? This kind of relationship is an unhealthy option, where one or both partners value the relationship more than their health and happiness. Many people suffer from “relationship addiction” and hardly see the solution to that problem. However, it is absolutely possible to fix a codependent relationship (but, get ready to exert much effort and attention).

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3 Tell-tale Signs of a Codependent Relationship

– Happiness. Are you happy? Do you have any hobbies and interests except those of your beloved? If dating with a certain person is your top priority, when you desperately lack of personal environment, you are likely to have a codependent relationship.

– Help. Do you often help your partner at the cost of your personal happiness, as well as emotional and physical health? Can you stay outside a specific person? If the answer is “no”, your relationship should be fixed.

– Behavior. Does your partner have an unhealthy behavior, but you still with him or her no matter what? Sounds like a codependent relationship, doesn’t it?

How to Fix a Codependent Relationship

– Take a break. The first thing you need is to discover, who you truly are. Just stop pleasing your partner for a while and think about your true desires, wishes and preferences. You might also schedule a “me-time” each day to find something you really like.

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– Reconnect with old friends and family. Staying in the codependent relationship is often exhausting, where you often isolate your couple from the outer world. Spend more time with someone you still love: your parents, siblings or best friends.

– Stop blaming. Feeling guilty about your partner’s unhappiness? No way! You are not responsible for his or her perception of the environment. Not to mention, have you ever thought that being happy by yourself will make your partner happy, too?

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– Be loyal. No one is perfect. Accept your imperfections and stop constantly trying to change yourself to meet your partner’s needs.

– Talk to your partner. If you still face with difficulties with overcoming codependent relationship, it’s a good idea to share your worries with your beloved. Try to help each other in overcoming this difficulty: the two loving hearts can make wonders!



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