Breaking Up With Someone You Love: Reasons And Ways To Leave Your Lover

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Breakup With Your Beloved: End Your Relationship in a Healthy Way

People meet each other, fall in love and, unfortunately, often break up. Even if you really love someone, there are many cases, when you need to end your relationship. What are the grounds for breakup with a beloved person? Is it possible to get through it and live your life on full? The answers are right here.

Most Serious Reasons for Breaking Any Relationship

1. Abuse. Abuse remains to be the top reason for breakup with someone you really love. If you are absolutely exhausted, because your partner is aggressive towards you, or he or she violates you physically or emotionally, there is no future for this relationship. When you face with tyranny, it is better to break up as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will suffer for years (and if you have kids, you will make them suffer, too).

2. Addiction. In case your partner is an addict and makes you drink alcohol or take drugs against your will, you will end this relationship. Other way, you might damage your health and become an addict, too. Not to mention, death is also a common thing for drug and alcohol dependents.

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3. Cheating. If your partner cheated on you and you can’t forgive him or her, it is better to breakup. Your broken heart will be mended through sometime and you will be able to find a faithful person, who will respect and love you.

4. You have too many fights. In case your views to most important things are completely different or you don’t share your partner’s plans and goals, constantly fighting, there is no need to continue your relationship.

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5. You are the only one, who tries to save the relationship. In case your partner doesn’t care about the future of your family, he or she actually no longer loves you. Leave them alone and move on.

How to Cope With the End of Relationship?

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1. Talk or write about your feelings. When you talk about something, you analyze it and accept it. Just try to tell about your feelings to your close people to make the things easier. If you haven’t someone to tell your worries, just write them down.

2. Change your environment. New surrounding will bring you fresh thoughts. You might have a vacation or just rearrange your room.

3. Be active. Do the morning exercises, run or visit a gym to stay physically active. This will decrease the levels of the stress hormones in your body.

4. Take care of your appearance. You still need to wash your hair, have a pleasant smell and make your manicure even in case you don’t care about your appearance.

5. Try something new. You surely have a dream, that couldn’t come true while you were in the relationship. Try to do what you really love, reinvent yourself and become happy again!



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