Dating A Narcissist: Top 10 Warning Signs and How to Deal With it

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Dating a Narcissist: The Hidden Truth

Narcissist is a person, who has an exaggerated sense of hi s or her own importance. Being a common disorder, narcissism might become a serious challenge for any healthy relationship. People, who suffer from it, often demonstrate lack of regard to the feelings of other people, have low self-esteem and are too sensitive to even the lightest criticism. What are the most evident signs you are dating a narcissist? Below you will find top telltale signs of dating a narcissist.

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Top Red Flags of Dating a Narcissist

1. They talk about themselves too much. One of the most evident signs of dating a narcissist is a complete focus on his or her personality. Narcissists are fond of talking about their unbelievable achievements, incredible personality and outstanding qualities. Every personal issue is usually described in the exaggerated and superior manner. They often keen on materialism and might easily put others down for no reason.

2. Romance and attractiveness. Narcissists are often charming and attractive, especially on the early stages of building a relationship. Furthermore, they might be caring and touching. However, they just want you to fulfill their inner emptiness and get the most of you. It is usually difficult to find out that you are dating a narcissist, when you have just started to go out together.

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3. Too focused on fantasies about money, power and success. Narcissists are sure about having a brilliant future. They can easily talk for hours about their global plans and goals that will make them a millionaire or a pop star, or something else big.

4. Lack of commitment. Most narcissists can’t create long-term relationship, since they are show lack of care to their partners and are too selfish. They often don’t care about their partner’s feelings and emotions.

5. They need constant admiration. Narcissists can feel happy only with a partner, who regularly admires his or her achievements. Otherwise, they feel emptiness and might be often annoyed.

6. Can’t stand any rejection. If you are not ready to give a narcissist what he or she want in a special way they are expecting to get it, they will certainly reactive negatively. You are likely to get passive aggression, sarcasm and blame.

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7. Narcissists put everyone down. They have “incompetent” managers, “unfaithful” friends, “annoying” colleagues and even “unprofessional” waiters in the restaurant. Be careful: dating a narcissist will make you feel having a totally hostile environment.

8. Manipulate. Narcissists are professional manipulators. They will do their best to make you do everything they want, using pressure, guilt and blame.

9. Lack of reliability. You can’t completely rely on the narcissistic partner, since his or her issues are always their top priority.

10. Violating the rules. Narcissist can’t stand any rules and boundaries. Get ready for constantly breaking appointments and promises.




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