Does Taking A Break Make A Relationship Stronger?

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The answer to this question is apparently yes, just relate it to the example of a car. A car helps you in commuting from one place to another, from your house to office and so on. A person cannot imagine himself traveling from public buses and facing the crowd and hence never leaves his car at home. Gradually, the engine of the car starts asking for rest, and maintenance. If not having enough of them, it causes a car to break down. But imagine what if one has serviced his car from time to time and provided it with required rest aka break. It would have been running for longer. Similarly, a relationship is a car with two steering, each of the two partners who share the relationship handles their respective steering equally. The relationship car will turn in the direction where both the driver wish to and if ever arise a communication gap or a fight, the car will not move ahead as it cannot take both of them turning the wheels in opposite direction. As a car needs break similarly a relationship if given proper space and required healthy breaks becomes stronger and lasts longer.

Taking a break in a relationship

Taking a break does not mean that you are separating or moving away from your relationship. It is actually the time when both of you mutually decide to stay at different places and giving the required space to their relationship. There are some rules which should be followed when both of the persons from a relationship are on their healthy break.

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  • Before heading for a break, discuss its need and its entire plan with each other. It is not a bachelor’s week or something like that when one can drink and enjoy other leisure’s which are ethically not correct. A couple should decide how often they will meet or talk. Remember this a vacation in which you have to meet and spend time with yourself. It’s a kind of refreshing phase which you can spend either alone or by going on a vacation with your parents or friends.
  • Never go for a way too long break. It is quite fine to have a break of a week to 4-5 weeks but not more than that. Even in this time, one should be in touch with their partners and inform them if you are going out somewhere. Understand that this time is important for your relationship as too much closeness causes boredom and effects the health of a relationship.
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  • Try to spend your time in any recreational activity or learning a new skill. By doing so you would have something new to impress your better half. Don’t act like a freebie, having hookups and other rough deeds are not good. Remember there is someone who has trusted you and is waiting for you to get back.
  • A break is nothing serious when taken by a discussion with your partner, it is the time when you would know how much do you miss and love each other. Take this break as a love test and after the break when you will meet your better half, than the intensity of your love should have increased guaranteed.

Remember this is just a normal break where you will find the need of your lover in your life. It is nothing to do with the belief that a break means heading on your own way in your life. Nope, it’s just a refueling time for your heart and often helps in sorting a storming relationship.

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Does taking a break in a relationship work?

Yes, it does, a break creates the vacuum around your relationship which it needs to expand properly. The break is like those power naps which intensifies the energy and attention once gets over and there are many people who have seen the affirmative results of the same. If your relationship has become dull or you are losing your interest in it, if it has become over loud or stormy than taking a break with the mutual decision has surprising results. The gap between the two makes them aware of the need of their partner in their life, this period when he misses her warm hugs and she remembers the feel of his arms around her makes both of them lose their ego’s and meet again for a new and better start with lots of love.

Unfortunately, if you find out that you were with the wrong partner than, this break will make you aware of that as well. Even this sounds tragic but actually, it is not, first of all, it happens very rarely and if it does, it tells you that it’s time to start a new life with new agenda’s and quit the last one on a good note.

What does taking a break in a relationship mean?

It is nothing but the salvation period for both the partners, where they find out the importance and need of another person in their life. As the days pass, they start missing each other badly and when they reunite, their relationship boat is all set to sail for long. Taking a break in a relationship is something which is decided by both of them, even if one initiate this topic another one has to listen and understand the importance of it. It has nothing to do with an actual break up.



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