Early Signs of an Abusive Relationship: How to Find Out You Are Dating With Mr. Wrong

Why are you unhappy in the relationship?

Early Signs of an Abusive Relationship: How to Save You Heart and Mind

An abusive relationship can include different kinds of violence, from physical to emotional and verbal violence. Can you have a happy life in an abusive relationship? Surely, you can’t. Harmful relationship has one peculiar feature: the longer you stay, the harder is to break up with your match. Furthermore, it is often difficult to discover the warning signs of dating with a poisonous partner on the early stages of the relationship. Below you will find a list of the early signs of an abusive relationship.
– You partner has an explosive temper. Aggressiveness is one of the first red flags of an abusive relationship. Are you trying to please him not to make him angry? However, dating with a choleric subject might destroy your self-esteem and drain your energy.

the first red flags of an abusive relationship

– He is too unpredictable. When he calls, you usually don’t want to answer the phone and often let it to go voicemail. You want to be prepared before giving your answer. You never know, if he will shout with anger or be smiley and pleasant. Therefore, you become constantly anxious about your communication and his mood. This is not normal for the happy relationship.
– He is always criticizing you. Does your partner always give negative comments about your appearance, body, style and any personal features? Is he trying to criticize anything you can’t actually change? This is a common way of how abusive personalities manipulate their partners.
– He is right. Always. Your partner thinks he knows everything better than you. He is a super-expert in all the issues. This make you feeling exhausted and can ruin your self-esteem. Verbal abuse starts when he is trying to decide, what you should eat, wear, buy and visit.
Avoid guys, who don’t let you make decisions for yourself. If you partner doesn’t allow you to make even minor decisions, he is likely to feel he just owns you. You don’t want to be someone’s ownership, do you?

He is always criticizing you

– He is too jealous. Does your partner often blame your for lying and cheating for no particular reason? Does he make you feel you are doing something wrong, when you are just hanging out with friends? Does he have too old-fashioned views about the role of women in the relationship? All these features are the warning signs of an abuser. Be careful and don’t avoid someone manipulate or control you.



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