Fights Every Couple Has: How to Avoid Them

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Common Fights Every Couple Has: Handy Tips to Avoid Misunderstanding

Every couple fights. This is absolutely normal, since every partner always has his or her own views, goals, preferences and expectations. However, fighting too much can be really harmful for your relationship. Is it possible to resolve your issues in a healthy way? Here you will find out a list of the most common fights every couple has and some tips on how to avoid them.

Most Common Couples Fights

1. Money. Money issues are top common fight for both newly married and long-term couples. The issues vary from having lack of money, paying for loans and mortgage, inefficient spending of money, low salaries and many others. The problem is more than serious, since it can significantly damage your relationship and even lead to breakup. However, it has plenty of solutions. The first one is setting up a couple’s budget: try to schedule your major expenses and savings. The second one is establishing certain sums of money for personal needs per month for every partner (you can’t exceed this sum without prior notification of your partner). And the third solution is saving some money for emergency cases: you can spend it if either you or your partner loses the job, becomes ill or any other unexpected cases.

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2. Sex. Ladies might often feel unattractive or even suspect cheating, when their partner doesn’t want to have sex. However, males are not sex machines, ready to offer pleasure 24/7. The best option to avoid sexual issues is sincere communication. Both of you need to accept that your loved one might have lack of desire in case he or she is tired, exhausted or depressed. Being a good listener and having mutual respect is your key to success.

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3. Family. Both of you might easily have odd and intrusive family members or friends. The best option here is just to accept this fact and minimize the influence of your mates and family members on your marriage. Avoid hiding or having secrets from your beloved: if you want to hang on with your buddies, don’t lie your partner about another business trip. Another secret trick for healthy relationship is to avoid telling too much about the fights with your partner to your parents. You will forget about the issue in a couple of weeks, while your parents might easily conceive a dislike to your loved one.

4. Household chores. This is type of fight every couple usually has. The matter is that many women try to do all the household chores, as well as cook by themselves trying to impress their mates. This policy is absolutely wrong. Try to share all the household issues with your partner. Otherwise, you might soon become exhausted, frustrated and dissatisfied with your family life.

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5. Bad habits. You might be annoyed with your partner’s bad habits: no matter on how many times you’ve told about it, the situation happens again and again. If you can’t change your spouse’s bad habits, try to accept it. Nobody is perfect! If you take it like a small imperfection of the perfect match, your life might become much easier and happier!



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