Why you get jealous in relationships – and how to fix it

you get jealous in relationships

Becoming Othello? Why you get jealous in relationships, and how to fix it?

Jealousy is one of the most common problems of millions of couples. On one hand, limited jealousy is just one of the features of a healthy relationship. On the other hand, overwhelming control, caused by too jealous partner, might easily ruin your romantic partnership. Here you will discover some facts on why you get jealous in relationships – and how to fix it.

What is jealousy?

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Jealousy is a ‘green-eyed monster’ that can raise its head, when it comes to any third party in a relationship. Jealousy can be divided into two simple categories: emotional and sexual jealousy. Ladies are usually affected by the first category, while most men are at risk for the second one. This means that males nightmare is their beloved one having sex with someone else, while women are afraid their partner can fall in love with someone else.

What does it mean to be jealous?

Jealousy can make you feel a wide variety of feelings, starting from doubt to spooky anger. People, who suffer from being too jealous, usually have unclear expectations and some earlier experiences of betrayal. Not to mention, guys and girls with low self-esteem often have this annoying feeling.

However, jealousy is not always painful. In moderate levels, it is considered to be absolutely normal. It can be just one of the signs of the strong connection and even love between two partners.

How can you cope with your jealousy?

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  • Try to suppress jealousy. Although it is a complicated emotion, avoid showing it to your partner and try to set up special limitations.
  • Do not feed your jealousy. Checking, following and constant controlling are most common jealous behavior that make you feel even worse.
  • Choose certain time for jealous thoughts. In case these thoughts come to your head too often, try to write them down and set aside for about half an hour for them. Avoid thinking about your partner in jealous manner any other time.
  • Set up the rules with your partner. Which behavior is acceptable and which one is a ‘no-no’? Set up certain rules and always follow them.
  • Realize that life always goes on. People sometimes break up, cheat and lie. However, it is not the end of your life.






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