He’s Bad in Bed: Bad Sex or Wrong Partner?

a man and a woman lying in bed

Bad in Bed: What Comes Next?

Sex is an inevitable part of the life of any person, while good sex is a common feature of most happy relationship. However, many ladies often face with having bad sex with their partners for many reasons. What should you do in this case? Is having bad sex should become a real game over for your relationship? Let’s get the answers!

a man and a woman lying in bed

What Are the Most Common Features of Bad Sex?

– Too short foreplay. If you always have a too short foreplay, where you can’t even become wet, is one of the signs of bad sex. However, if you both burn from desire without any foreplay, this rule doesn’t work.

– He expects too much from you, while being too passive. Are you giving him pleasure with no returned favor? Although it is still awesome to make him want you, you also need gentle touches, cuddling and whatever makes you hot.

– He is concentrated on his orgasm only. He comes first, while you come almost none of the time. This way, your vibrator seems to be even more skilled than your boyfriend.

– Your sex finishes when he comes. If your guy is not ready to make you come with his fingers, tongue or anything else, it’s a bad sex, since he is thinking only about himself.

– He is making you try something you can’t accept. If your guy is often trying to force you to do anything you don’t want to do, it’s another sign of having bad sex.

– He doesn’t like your body. Everyone has their own drawbacks. If a guy really likes you, he will never tell you about your little imperfections.

– He never pays you compliments. True gentlemen often compliment their ladies. A good boyfriend often pays you compliments before, during and after having sex.

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Your New Crush Is a Bad Lover: What Should You Do?

1. Try to find the reasons of his bad performance. Does he have any serious problems at work? Does he feel too nervous or exhausted? Depending on a situation, try to have a small break, go for a vacation or help him relieve his stress.

2. Have a free-hearted talk. Although this conversation is not an easy task, try to be delicate. Describe, what you like and don’t like and explore your partner’s preferences. Try to initiate some tricks that make you hot the next time you are going to have sex. Your boyfriend is likely to support your efforts, since he will know your preferences.

3. Heat up your sexual tension. If your man is bad in bed, you might just have lack of passion between you two. To elevate your sexual desire, send naughty texts, watch erotic movies together, as well as touch and cuddle each other. You might also try to boost the chemistry in your couple by going for a date, adding romance or some hot tricks (new poses, sex toys or sexy lingerie) in your bedroom.

All in all, if you really love each other, despite of having bad sex, there is no need to break up. Different couples have their own difficulties and it’s usually affordable to solve any issues with mutual trust and support.



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