How to Deal With Jealousy in a Relationship?

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6 Tips On How to Stop Being Too Jealousy

What is jealousy? It’s an annoying feeling that your partner doesn’t value your relationship, the fear of cheating and the threat of break up. In other worlds, when you are feeling jealousy, you are afraid to lose your partner. How to deal with jealousy in a relationship? Our list of tips might help you to keep calm, stay more confident and have fewer fights because of your jealousy.

Why Are You Feeling Jealous? 6 Tips on How to Stop Feeling Envy

1. You are jealous, because you are feeling not so attractive. The roots of this issue come from your low self-esteem. You might be feeling ‘not so good for your partner’ and suffer from being unattractive. This way, the best option is to start from yourself. Just try to change your style, make a new haircut, buy new clothes or just visit gym to have a better shape. These simple tricks might make you boost your confidence and become less jealousy.

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2. Your partner spends too much time with his or her friends. Having some personal space is absolutely normal for any healthy relationship. Therefore, tying up your partner is surely not the good solution to the problem. If your partner is not acting suspiciously, let him or her be happy! If you are feeling too uncomfortable, when your loved one is spending time with mates, create a busy schedule for yourself. If you will be going in for sports or learning foreign languages, you will not have time for jealousy thoughts.

3. Your partner receives too high attention in social media. Feeling annoyed and jealous, when your partner gets too many likes in Facebook or Instagram? Note, it’s just a virtual, but not real world! Try to be proud of your loved one and remember you are the only person, whom he or she is dating in real life.

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4. You feel insecure because of your past experiences. The most important tip in this case is to stop comparing your current partner with your exes. Your relationship is unique, as well as the chances to have the same issues in your new relationship are extremely low. Just try to enjoy dating with your beloved and leave your worries in the past.

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5. Your partner is more successful than you are. Feeling jealousy because of your partner’s career success or perspectives is completely irrational. Note, that is not his or her own achievement, it’s your common one! You’ve supported your partner in all his or her plans and goals and they achieved awesome results. Isn’t it great?

6. Feeling jealousy for no reason. If your jealousy has no particular roots, just try to accept it. Don’t blame your partner for being late after work or hanging with friends. Communicate with your loved one, share your worries and fears. Together you will definitely fight your jealousy!



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