How to Know if Your Relationship is Not Working

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So, how do you know if your relationship is not working out? How do you know if your relationship is fixable? Generally, before a relationship breaks down, there must be some warning signals. If you are able to recognize these signals earlier, then you can amend the lapses as soon as possible.

Top signs that your relationship is not working

1. Decline in intimacy

Often, the first sign that your relationship is not working is a sudden shift in physical intimacy or sex. As often said, “we don’t have enough time for ourselves because of our kids”. As much is this excuse is genuine to an extent, it still remains a mere excuse when the love is still intact. Other popular excuses are; “we aren’t youth anymore”, “sex is not much important in our relationship anymore”, and so on.

If something goes wrong in your bedroom, chances are that many things have gone wrong elsewhere. Obviously, the physical connection is suffering because something is wrong emotionally. The same man that complained of “not enough time” has some time to be on the golf field while that woman that said she is too busy had time for a manicure.

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2. Absolute boredom

So, what happens if you guys don’t really talk anymore? Is it true that there is nothing to talk about? If you guys are alone together, you suddenly find that you have nothing to talk about except your kids or business. It has been long you’ve talked about something really romantic. Of course, before you marry, you can talk for hours without getting tired. So, why have things gone so wrong?

Well, these are signs that your relationship is no more working and you really need to spice it up. As much as you make your kids and job important, you also need to place a high priority on the romantic part of your relationship.

3. Fight and Argument

Do you suddenly feel you are fighting, arguing, or quarreling over the same old issue? Does your partner get angered over little issues? This is one of the signs that your relationship is just not working. You guys keep arguing over the same past issue because you are unable to resolve the biggest issues in your marriage once and for all.

Couples with happy and fun marriages are able to recognize and solve their differences amicably. They also let go of small issues and forgive easily. This will ensure that the issue does not continue to manifest in their memory. It doesn’t mean that you cannot have some fights in your relationship but your ability to resolve them really matters a lot.

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4. The Laughter and Fun Is Gone

As much as possible, a working and solid home must incorporate humor and fun. If you remember when you just got wedded, the home is usually fun and interesting. In fact, you laugh, joke, and flirt with each other a lot. You kids or work should not take this away from you.

Happiness is a sign that your relationship is working. If this is lacking, then something is wrong somewhere. Perhaps, what is really the joy when you aren’t enjoying yourself or having fun any longer?

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Bottom line

If you have seeing or currently experiencing one or more of these warning signs, it does mean that your relationship is not working out and you need to fix it. Admitting that something is wrong is the first critical step in making things right.



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