How to Solve Relationship Issues

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Staying with someone for a while will bring up issues that will annoy you in the long run. Be it your roommate or partner (which is the most likely case), you will see a few things that might get you angry. This is unavoidable and is to be expected. However, no one wants to ever believe that he or she is annoying their partner, they most times do not agree to this. But relationship experts have advised people, especially couples to know what causes their problems firstly and getting to the bottom of these issues as it will not only help solve them but also create a better and stronger bond between them. Not only in relationships, but this principle can also be applied in many life scenarios.

It’s usually okay to battle with some little excesses on the part of one partner, especially if they are natural habits. This, the other partner might forebear. But when a partner becomes constantly annoyed by actions or inactions of the other, then this calls for great concern. The former habit is something that both persons might discuss to look for ways to stop them, the latter is very disastrous and might end the relationship altogether.

What Brings Ups Relationship Issues

1. Being Defensive Most of the Time

Being defensive is a major way to know when someone is angry and is suppressing the anger. Defensive is a way of taking the blame off yourself and laying it on another person instead of taking full accountability or responsibility for the issue. For example, when couples do not spend quality time together, a partner might not agree to the fact that they are guilty of not creating time for the other and this might anger the other.

2. When a Partner Keeps “Forgetting” to Respond to Your Texts or Calls

When there is a sudden stop in prompt responses or any response at all, in a communication line that has once enjoyed good and consistent reciprocity, then know that there is a major issue in the relationship. Communication is key to any relationship and when it is absent or “shaky”, that relationship is bound to hit the rocks.

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3. Walking Away Rather That Talking or Fighting Out the Issue

Some partners may walk out of the relationship as a sign of protest. These persons who get angry by the actions of the other may renege on the relationship altogether by not being there emotionally and physically when they are most needed.

4. They Keep Asking For “Alone Time”

Even though everyone needs to have their alone time in relationships, this shouldn’t be taken out of proportion. When you partner request for this alone time, please give it to them and use the opportunity to do your own as well. These alone times might be to reason or think through a certain occurrence. However, try to find out the true reason why your partner needs alone time. Is it as a result of you getting him/her angry? Was it some time you said or did that pissed him off? Communication is very essential in any relationship always keep this in mind.
Having seen some of the issues that come up in relationships, let us now look at which these issues can be tackled to leave both parties happy and safe.

Tips You Can Employ in Your Relationship

1. Offering Apologies

“Sorry” is a simple five-letter word that means a lot to many people. It can work magic. When you find out that you have annoyed your partner, look him/her straight in the eyes and offer a sincere apology. Be more specific in your apology and say out the things you did.

Seeing the same person at all times can be more intense than it should be. This happens more when it is a close relationship that requires both of you staying together or spending more time together.

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2. Accepting Apologies

No one is a saint, everyone can annoy the other directly or indirectly. So if your partner has done something that got you angry in the past, acknowledges it and asks for forgiveness, make sure to accept the apology and forgive him/her. Many successful and flourishing relationships out there are not without their issues, but the ability of the partners to forgive each other is what stands them out.

3. Talk Through Your Issues

Bottling things up and suppressing anger results in constant arguments between partners. These arguments might get you angrier and make you embittered at things that shouldn’t necessarily get you angry. There is a need to vent all that angry but in the right manner. Call him/her to a secret, special place and share your anger. Let your partner know the things that they are doing that is pissing you off. Some of them do these things without knowing but bringing it to their knowledge by helping them improve wherever necessary.



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