Loveless Relationship: Signs You’re Stuck in and How to Fix it

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When relationship is not working

Nowadays hearing a person say that their relationship isn’t working out is nothing new. Actually, this problem is becoming increasingly common. What could be the reason? Honestly, there can be just one, or many. Physiatrists are loaded with these cases and many ends with the party splitting up. It can become very hard living in a loveless relationship.

If you are reading this article, it can be guessed that you too are facing a similar case, or know someone of the sort.

Are you stuck?

Let’s look at some loveless relationship signs. There no guarantee, but one might be yours.

1.Increasing Dislike

You will start to dislike each other more and more. Criticism will become but necessary. This is another loveless relationship sign. There is nothing more wounding than being repeatedly told about shortcomings and in-capabilities.

You will notice that even when you are with others, once your partner is mentioned, your mood takes a 180 turn. You will start to talk bad about them even in front of others. If arguing has become increasingly common, you are going somewhere very entirely different.

People even start prioritizing some other man/women (case dependent) over their current partner. They might even start thinking of having an emotional affair.

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2.The gap between you two keeps widening

For the couple involved. Interaction start to decrease more and more. If one tries to start a conversation of some sort, there is either no reply at all, or the other person just keeps saying “Hmmm” without much attention. Partner pay special attention to these signs, and then the situation repeats from the other end.

You will start to ignore each other more and more. Spend time without them, stop calling each other, bringing your relation to just a hollow word. Arguing is much better than not communicating at all. It is the nemesis of relationships.

Let’s fix it:

So, deep down you really value your relationship and care about them. Fret not we will give you some loveless relationship advice, you’ll appreciate.

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3.Get your Priorities Straight

The first step will be to get your partner to sit down and have a long chat. Try to convince each other to talk on neutral grounds. There can be times when both sides are determined put the blame on the other entirely. It never works!

Write down and discuss, your priorities, needs, desires and most importantly what you find problematic in each other. We’re all grown-ups here, no need to blow the gasket on every little thing. This will deepen your relationship.

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4.Baby Steps

You know now how each of you feels about. Being determined is what you need. A relationship might be formed by a few sentences, but repairing one takes time. Deep inside, you might still think that others are to blame. But if you want to end the agony of living in a loveless relationship, spot the buts and start caring.

Take it slow. Pay more attention to each other’s conversations and actions. Try to reserve more time for them. In these moments a little intimacy can help you a lot.

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5.Consider splitting

However, sometimes one or both sides d just don’t want to make it better. They might think “Why should I start? What can’t he/she take the initiative?”. They might even be thinking of ending the relationship. Even after much time and consideration, things do not show signs of improving. You need to sit and think intensively, breaking-up tends to be the solution at these times.



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