Money Can Make or Break a Couple

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Relationship and Money: the Secret Truth

Money us one of the basic things for any relationship along with common views, respect and love. Most couples discuss money issues before settling down; however, they still can’t calculate all the expenses and reckon for unforeseen expenditures in advance. Therefore, any new family should pay extra attention to the role of money in the relationships, as well as consider a wise way for sharing budget.

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Money Effect on Relationship

– Satisfaction. According to thousands psychologists, money is important for a healthy atmosphere in any family. The matter is that couples with a high financial stress usually show lower levels of satisfaction of their marriages. When partners are constantly thinking about lack of money, they become irritated, exhausted and even desperate. However, if you faced with a financial crisis, it’s surely not the reason for break up. Try to communicate, find the new ways to earn money and support each other to overcome the difficulties.

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– Sharing money. There are plenty of couples, where the partners have significant differences in their incomes. When you work hard and see your loved one spending all the money you’ve earned for knick-knacks, you might become upset or even start fighting. Therefore, it is really important to plan your budget, consider making expensive purchases and save some money for any urgent matters.

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– Spending money. Establishing common financial goals is vital for any relationship. Share your views and purposes with your partner: save money for great vacation together, schedule major expenses and don’t forget to tell each other about your plans to buy anything expensive for yourself.

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When Money Issues Become the Reason for Break Up?

In case you are working hard, while your partner is only spending your money, showing no efforts to find a new job for months or years is a common reason for break up. Not to mention, abusive relationship is not only about physical or mental abuse, it’s also about money. If you are trying too hard, set up certain plans and goals, while your loved one is not interested in sharing your goals and just lives for today, you might soon become frustrated and upset. The matter is that both partners should contribute to the relationship, both physically, mentally and financially.

Couple counting money and abuse

However, every couple goes through their own ups and down. If your loved has lost his or her job and looking for a new one with all their passion, show your love and support. Handling difficulties together is one of the keys for any happy relationship.



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