Relationship Getting Toxic: How to Stop It

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Some relationships start with all the right ingredients and may lead you to peace or also satisfy your ego but you never know when your life will take a U-turn and you fall into something that is “toxic”. There can be another side of the coin that could be “toxic yet passionate”.

Everyone wants to love and the moment you realize that something has been missing from your life, your urge to satisfy noted won’t take long to surface. And in your search of you, you might invite a toxic relationship that could be the most exciting, passionate, unpredictable and soon becomes addiction for you.

You may be too scared to admit it but at the same time, you cannot hide your excitement that came with the toxic connection. However, soon you realize that you are doing something which is unethical, illicit and into a relationship with somebody you never want to. Your passionate toxic relation cropped up because of the toxicity you have in legitimate relations.

No matter how, but you need to get rid of this alleged enticing part of life as you have learned that such relationships are not maintainable and the passion can soon turn out into poison. One cannot spend the rest of the life with the relationship that will never last long. You know very well that such relations will never grow into true love nor go into a promising direction and are formed due to only one driven emotion, though powerful at that moment.

A relationship That Turns Toxic

Relationships never grow the way we want them to, they are always difficult because our emotions keep fluctuating. However, we also cannot deny the fact that they are the one that gives our lives meaning and purpose. Though sometimes the negative emotions overwhelm us and compel us to change the way we think. The same can turn a beautiful relation into sour one and contaminate your happiness and the way you look out at the things. The toxicity can bring bad feelings between you two and can even pollute your relationship.

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Am I in a toxic relationship?

First thing first, you won’t take time to realize that your relationship has been turned out into a toxic one. You both avoid each other more and more and cheerfulness, calmness, and happiness of your relationship have been replaced by moodiness, anger, unhappiness. The worse part of a toxic relationship is, if you don’t know how to fix it, you will be more and more damaging yourself by staying in it.

Toxic Love Signs

Your partner’s changed behavior can pretty well tell you about the signs that you are into a toxic relationship. If you are handling the relationship alone or you are the only one who is putting in efforts to save the relation, you might have lost your trust in yourself by now. You must be dealing with the feeling that you are the one who is constantly wrong. Even a simple choice becomes a difficult task for you and you feel drained almost all the time. Wake up !! You might be in a relationship with a toxic person.

How to Leave a Toxic Relationship

It is not easy to leave a relationship even if it turns toxic but what if it is difficult to continue. When the love between you two becomes the story that starts with “once upon a time” and you know pretty well that your partner won’t change, its time to move on gracefully.

Release your pain by, either way, stop pretending that everything was okay and take some time off to provide rest to your heart, mind, and soul. Let them heal. Soon you will realize, it was you who gave your steering to your partner and your happiness is within your control not under him.

Believe that God chose you to be into the toxic relationship because you are the strongest, confident and the one who knows how to deal with it. Your survival does not depend upon a toxic person. The obligation to love and stay loyal was not yours only. It’s highly unlikely, that anyone can change a toxic person, so why only you are carrying the baggage of guilt?

When things don’t seem to be working in a toxic relationship, instead of damaging yourself anymore clear the path and “Move on.”

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Toxic relationships lose all-important needs of a relationship, for say, connection, appreciation, affection, love, sex, and fills you with endless emptiness, insecurity, and jealousy. Relationships are like investments, in order to get anything out of it, first and foremost you have to put something into it. Only then it grows and becomes more valuable. But when there is no effort to put anything into it, the relationship itself starts taking too much and suck the life out of you.

A good relationship is the combined effort of two who feed it with important things like love, time, compromise, respect, and care. Conversely, one of the partners can make a relation toxic by leaving the second one lonely and exhausted.

Where there is love there is always respect and forgiveness but you always need to draw a line for everything. Relationships in many ways affect your mental and physical wellbeing and at some point, you also need to take harsh decisions. Strength in relationship nurtures and lifts us when we are down, whereas, toxicity is the major contributor in bringing us down or shattering us.



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