Signs She Doesn’t Care About You

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“Relationships” a mandatory requirement of life. We live many relations in the entire span of life some by birth and some which come to our life by time. Love relations are one of them. Two persons fall in and out of love during the course of a relationship. Fall in and out as relations rarely remain perfect every time. Unfortunately, some of them hardly even go all the way.

No one ever thinks about the emotional pain or trauma while falling for each other. Undoubtedly, sometime imperfections of two persons play their role in the relationship. We often forget the fact that only love isn’t enough to save a relationship. It also needs commitment, time, and effort.

Nonetheless, if you ever get a hint of problems in your relationship, consider it as a chance either moving out from the situation or to solve the problems.

Signs Specifically Tell Whether Your Girlfriend is Falling Out of Love With You

Less Care And Affection

You frequently get the feeling that she is not putting any efforts to show that she cares for you or her affection for you has been reduced, which means she has lost interest in you. You can avoid the things to save your relationship with her but in no way that is a solution.

Believe or not, it will affect the communication between you and her, another symptom that will show you the mirror.

Hardly Any Communication

She hardly communicates with you and whatever communication is there is mostly initiated by you. In relation, communication is not just the act of transferring information between persons, it is about the connection that offers you both understanding and sharing of feelings among you two. Communicating is the only way to te someone how you feel about them. When her feelings deny fitting with her words or she is less responsive, Beware! You need to figure out why? Or accept that she doesn’t care about you anymore.

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No Effort to Make a Relationship Work

When your partner shows her disagreement in simple opinions, it is an indication that your relationship is dying or at the brink of it. Disagreeing is not the problem, disagreeing without understanding the partner’s perspective is a problem, pointing that she doesn’t really care about you.

Arguments Are more Often

She disagrees, does not communicate properly, shows less affection, all this breaks the myth that you know each other better. Particularly, by the passage of time the bonding among the couples grows, matures and their relationship should advance towards more understanding and less misunderstanding. But if arguments are more often and agreements and understanding are less on her part, your relationship is on the verge of death. Time wants you to deal with the things bravely or start over.

Your Presence is Unpleasant for Her

You girl was lively once, full of life and laughter. She enjoyed being in your company and many times did not allow you to leave her alone. Notably, nowadays, your presence makes her anxious, depressed or uncomfortable. She is no more the same talkative person she used to. Your small things are now annoying her to a great level or triggering her temperament. All this gives you a signal that she does not want a relationship with you.

No More Future Plans Together

You are often recalling the time alone when you two used to make future plans together, your dream house, car, vacations, means she becomes less dreamy about future with you and investing less time in your life. Pretty distressing but you need to realize, she hardly sees you in her future. No more future endeavors with her can be incredibly painful for you, yet accept that your relationship is not progressing.

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You Often Face Disrespect

Feeling of disrespect can be quiet frustrating and painful and that too from someone who was once your love and with whom you have planned your future. Words of disrespect from her for no reason makes you feel that just don’t matter to her anymore. Don’t afraid to stand for yourself, do not let anyone taking you for granted. Set clear, enforceable boundaries for everyone in your life including your woman.

You Are no More Important to Her

She was never late in responding to your texts, social-networking chats, and emails. She never ignored your phone calls earlier. However, things have changed now, she doesn’t make an effort anymore to please you or make you feel important.

She often ignores your text, phone calls without a sorry message. Additionally, she doesn’t make an effort with her appearance anymore. Undoubtedly, things will make you feel devastated but also inform you that all is not well in your relationship.


Stop wondering about silly questions like “Are we not compatible?” or Are we so different?” It never matters how long you two have been together, the possibility of moving away from one another always exist in relation. Everybody wants happy and healthy relationships, but it is like a sown seed that needs constant care and affection to grow into a tree.

A relationship can survive almost anything, as long as you see something positive in the end but it dies when things change all of a sudden. Earlier doing something was for our sake and now if it is for our own sake, it is a clear sign that problems are real. Either resolve or move on.



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