Signs That Show You Are Staying in a Relationship With no Future


Human beings have a habit of meticulously planning each and every future move, the same thing we do with our relationships. Most of the time we analyze and make relations but surprisingly we never give a thought to the length of a relation.

At any point, we cannot deny the failure of a relationship even between those who had spent quality time once. Even such people at some point can be unsure about the future of the relationship.

Interestingly, human beings are into a habit of defining the success of a relationship by its length, not by quality. We prefer celebrating jubilees in life and not life. We fail to admire the fact that a good relationship is the one where we support each other, open our hearts to learn and grow together. We often forget that no two human beings can be alike, it is their willingness that brings them together to form the best possible relationship that can offer: magic, madness, mundanity, in fact, everything else that you have expected from a relation.

Shockingly, we never plan for a relationship with no future. What we will do when we discover that the relationship we have created is no more long-term and steady? Would it be easy staying in a relationship that has no future?

Genuinely, we all know that life is not always conducive to everyone and sometimes the same happens to a committed relationship. All of a sudden, you start feeling that your relationship has lost that good dose of love, laughter, tears, and silliness that you two shared once. The question crops up in your mind: What now? Do I really want to stay in a relationship that has no future?

Top Signs You Should Pay Attention To

Love is one thing, and a strong relationship is the other one

Love is not a guarantee to keep a relationship strong. To maintain a relationship, “compatibility” is a prime factor which is pretty different from the love thing. To form a perfect relationship with someone for the rest of your life, your love needs to have “respect and humility” as two main ingredients, otherwise, it would end into a disastrous relationship.

Is there enough “Respect and Humility” in the relationship?

We are blessed to love everyone and everything, but it is important to discern whether there are enough respect and humility in a relationship besides the strong emotional power of love. If you still share some common interests and are happy and feel complete in each other’s company, only then a relationship is worth living.

If your partner often pushes you aside because of the belief that he or she is the only one who knows to get things done the right way, you are into a wrong relation.

If your partner speaks in ways that disparage you, and there are no chances to cure that, it is a sign that you are staying in a relationship with no future.

Your relationship always demands “Sacrifice”

The epiphany that you are the only one into the relationship who needs to sacrifice every time, makes you realize that warm mutual feeling of love and connection is gone. Either you need to rework your relation to find the right balance once again or think seriously about the future of this relation.

Your partner ignores your endeavors in relationship

When your partner adopts the behavior of ignoring your endeavors in a relationship, things have reached the next level of disaster. Such behavior is a sort of psychological punishment and manipulation. Be considerate about the seriousness of the consequences of such silent treatment which is slowly and steady damaging the bond between you two, and could be irreparable after some time.

You are blamed for a problem that is actually a problem of both

There comes a point in your relationship when you are unfairly blamed for situations and you might be pretending to absorb everything. Believe me, the situation has come when you need to be kind to yourself and love yourself. There’s nothing wrong with cluing your partner about your fault or confusion/misunderstanding just in case you want to save your relation or go for a conscious decision.


If your relationship is going through the ups and downs, giving you the feeling that your two character traits can’t coexist, either you need to communicate the same with your partner to get the clarity or take the right decision for your relationship.

If the communication regarding the same with your partner shows no signs of improving, no magic is going to happen. Its time to realize that your relation shares no more values and vision and your partner is no more playing a major role in your life.

Remember, dismissing the problems of life or relation can never turn the derailed things right. The length of a relationship does not assure a good relation, differences can also be there but when the thought of growing together or remaining part of each other’s emotions is gone and you feel stuck in a relationship that’s going nowhere, segregation is the only solution.

Choosing the option of not being into a relationship with someone does not mean you don’t love them, it means its time to sketch up a new happy timeline of your life as everyone deserves that freedom that allows their intuition to flow more freely instead of staying stuck in sick relationships.



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