How to solve relationship problems without breaking up?

without breaking up

7 Prompts on how to solve relationship problems without breaking up

All the couples face relationship problems from time to time. Is it possible to get through the crisis in your relations? How to solve relationship problems without breaking up? Below you will find 7 prompts to make your feelings stronger and get rid of some negative issues in your partnership.


  • Learn to listen carefully. Although it might be easier said than done, being a good listener is vital for any healthy relationship. Pay more attention to your partner’s tone and body language. This way you will understand his/her feelings easier. Avoid shouting or blaming your partner, since it is absolutely disruptive and inefficient.
  • Find the best moment to talk. You can improve your communication by choosing the perfect moment for conversation, when you both are calmed down and ready to talk. This will give you a benefit of solving your problems with minimum negative emotions.
  • Avoid being right all the time. Do you want to save your relationship or just to be right one more time? Although it might be difficult, try to eliminate the influence of your ego. Furthermore, you will need to accept that you are not always right. Study to forgive and forget.
  • Be honest. If you have offended your beloved one, you just need to say, “I’m sorry”. This is extremely important. Admit your mistakes and do not hurt your partner even more.


  • Avoid making impulsive decisions. If you have a tough conversation, try to sit and calm down. Your anger and jealousy might not be caused by your partner. Perhaps, you just have had a bad day and blow off at your partner.
  • Make an agreement. If you have different viewpoints on some issues, try to find alternative options that will suit both of you. Decide how you will behave in case the similar situation occurs in future. This way, you will preserve your life from complicated and loud conflicts.
  • Hold your partner’s hand. Make sure your beloved one listens to you. Hold his/her hand; establish an eye contact before an important decision. This simple gesture will cool you down.

All in all, the answer to the question on how to solve relationship problems without breaking up remains to be answered. It depends on the couple, as only you can save your relationship.



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