Surviving a Loveless Relationship

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You are in a relationship that was good at starting; the moment you spent together was more than a fairy tale. However, now there is something missing. You are not feeling those fairy tale moments anymore. There are no butterflies feeling inside your stomach when you think about your partner, well it’s a sign that you are living in a loveless relationship. You need to think how to solve it on time if it’s possible.

How to know if you are in a without love and respect relationship: Signs to watch out

When you don’t understand if it’s a normal phase or you are actually living in a loveless relationship, then you should watch out the signs that you are getting. It’s important for you to be brave and face it instead of running.

  • The communication is gap keeps going on

Sharing opinions, thoughts and what you feel through communicating is the extremely basis when you are in a relationship however now you are not doing that or neither your partner, it’s a sign of communication gap is creating between you two. Because of it, there are chances of creating misunderstanding and doubts too which are toxic when you are in a relationship.

  • There is no physical intimacy

Physical intimacy shows the affection, also holding hands, kissing and cuddling are the things which keep the relationship warm. Lacking in these things are the biggest reasons that you should not ignore. Also, even if the idea of sharing such moments in getting awkward then you should know that’s called as living in a loveless relationship.

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  • He or she keeps criticizing and blaming you

Fights are normal when you are in a relationship. However, criticism and blaming are different. It’s not just disrespectful but also shows that your partner is not happy to be around you. Also, he or she keeps saying things which are hurting you, feeling bad and making you horrible, and then this is how the loveless relationship looks like. What’s the worst is that your partner even doesn’t care about how you feel anymore.

  • There is no appreciation

You want to make your partner happy and trying too but nothing is working out because he or she is not even acknowledging your thoughts. A relationship where the partners don’t appreciate each other, not just shows that it’s a loveless relationship but also he or she is not respecting you either.

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What you can do to survive and how to solve it?

There are some ways by which you can turn you’re in a loveless relationship into the amazing one again. Also it normal to fall out of love as there are so many tensions and things that effect relationship. Issues arise when you fail to rekindle the relationship again. However, if you want to give a try, then here are the points you should follow so you can learn how to survive a loveless relationship.

  • Shut every thought down and talk

Maybe it’s because your partner is going through something big and its hard time for him or her too. If you feel that there is something which is kept in dark, you should talk about it. Also, keep your thoughts shut when you are doing that, there should be no judgments and anything. Sometimes when you are in such a relationship, your negative thoughts don’t let you see the bigger picture. Let your partner speak what he or she is thinking about the relationship and what they feel.

  • Know what you want

Sometimes you forget what you want when you are in a relationship, it does not just turn the relationship meaningless but you also get confused. For avoiding it, and for knowing how to survive a loveless relationship, you should understand your own need, expectations, and requirements. Be confident in what you want and believe in yourself.

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  • If there is a solution, then go for it

After the conversation, you think there is a chance that you should give then do it. Sometimes it’s fine to give another shot to a relationship, but be ready about why you are doing it at first place. It’s better to stay clear instead of suffering from same thing one more time. When you are going for a second chance, make sure you don’t bring the old feelings and hurtful memories with you, it’s crucial to start everything with a clean heart.

  • End things on good points

Well, deep down you already get the answer when you are finding the how to survive a loveless relationship solutions. You already know if the solutions are going to work out for you or not. Well if you tried everything, and still you are not getting the things you need then it’s better to walk with your pride. There will be memories and good things about your relationship but the harsh truth is, you are not in that thing anymore. Not just that, talk to your partner and know what hurt you and how things have gone downhill. Don’t stuff yourself from all those things as it will not let you move on.



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